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  • Mishkin37
    Hi, @EA_Tom

    Any chance you can update my forum avatar to the pic on my Gravatar?

    January 20
  • ice1505
    January 15
  • MopeRush
    Is the Origin reporting for cheaters broken? I and many others have reported the same hacker every day for about a week now, nothing is happening.
    January 1
  • aabb
    I found the hacking industry chain, which can avoid a lot of cheaters
    This is a very simple question. I do n’t know if the EA technical team has found that this industry chain has produced a lot of cheaters and hackers. I ca n’t say here. Are there any technical staff who can contact me?
    December 2019
  • Mrbuuiu
    Pessoal da companhia Battlefield, muitos estão tendo o mesmo erro que o meu meu, o erro é que quando você vai conectar a um servidor ele fica infinitamente no joining server, e eu já atualizei reparei o jogo e estou cansado disso por favor resolvam isso, gastei dinheiro comprando ele e não quero jogar dinheiro fora. (Decepção) Obs: Isso acontece no Battlefield 4. Xbox 360
    December 2019
  • SimsBro_69
    Definitely want to say the FliegerFaust is cheating. BF fixed bombing issues with the bomb drop speed. People that are frustrated with excellent pilots need to learn to get up in the air and shoot down the enemy. Bombers suck anyways. As a Pilot I love racking up ME109 or spitfire kills against bombers, but now I can’t do that because as soon as I’m near an enemy fight zone I get sniped.

    The only equivalent way I can describe it is like this:
    Imagine you were infantry and you kept getting repeatedly shot by The Scout Class Sniper and there was no glare coming off his scope and you had no way to sight him.
    Again i’ll say this infantry has AA plus the ability to get up in an aircraft. 
    The Flieger has ruined the pacific gameplay 
    November 2019
    • RoVerr726
      You are absolutely correct!
    • bsafawi1974
      Dear @EA_Tom we love to see your feedback and respond in
      [Megathread] BFV and Cheating Discussion

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