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  • -1xThugx1-
    Hey Tom my inga.e name -1xThugx1- is keeping me from using g in-game chat because the word Thug is in my name. Have used this gamertag since BF1942.
    May 27
  • RRedux
    In regards to your post in this thread: https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/202400/does-reporting-cheater-work#latest

    Specifically this part: "As mentioned previously, this isn't something we discuss on forums"

    Can you give me a link to a thread or forum post etc. that explains WHY cheating can't be discussed on the forums? People are allowed to discuss everything else they might regard as a problem or issue with the game, so why is that one specific topic banned?
    April 27
  • iQuercus
    The Cheat Megathread has been closed. And since my general thread on this has been closed as well I guess I have to ask it via this way:

    146 pages of people complaining about the lack of an effective anti cheat, and all we got was something that boils down to:
    "We're working on it. Trust us."

    I think the community deserves some better info than this.
    Companies like Bungie and even Activision are now very open about their anti cheat efforts. They acknowledge it and the they say they are committing extra resources to the issues. EA/DICE on the other hand, not so much. Only vague wording.
    So, I'd like to know.
    How many cheaters actually get banned.
    How many get reported?
    How many of those reports are actually reviewed by live people?
    How many of those reports are false positives?
    What is the average level of a cheater that gets banned?

    This kind of broad data should be available.

    Give the community some real answer instead of those vaguely worded non commitical ones.
    April 26
  • CBMedic_7r2e2pl
    Good morning, Im still having log in issues , where do I go for a fix?
    April 18
  • Art_FTA
    Hi Tom, I'm a new member and I love the battlefield franchise. And I have a suggestion for a new game mode for the games, it’s called Escort, it consists of at least 20/40 players transporting a vehicle with supplies and weapons. There will be two teams, the Bodyguards and the Attackers. the Bodyguards aim to protect the vehicle to a delivery point on the map while the Attackers need to stop that vehicle at all costs. I hope you liked the idea.
    Battlefield is THE BEST !
    April 18
  • Sparkey33
    Hey Tom, just a suggestion for the next BF game. Communication realism:
     I was an Air Force pilot for 14 years and I enjoy the flying in BF. One thing that might help the next iteration...when I am in the air in BF, I can’t communicate with the other pilots. I know we can communicate in clan /party/squad, however, would it be possible to have a “common frequency” that could be turned on or off to talk to other pilots (we had ‘guard’ frequency 121.5 in the Air Force as well as now in civil aviation)? 
    This could also be extended to tanks or overall battlefield comms. We could able to mute some people in the overall scoreboard if they are being idiots...and that could carry over to the frequency selected. Maybe a few different frequency selections for the game we could toggle on/off Air, Ground, Tank, Objective Selected (based on all the squads with that objective selected), etc...
    Anyway, just though that this is one of the things that might separate BF from COD...tactical, strategic communications like, “AA is active on D objective” or “Tank approaching Alpha from Charlie”. We used to filter out frequencies in the Air Force when chatter got high, but we always monitored “Guard” just in case it was emergency traffic. 

    Love the games, I play exclusively BF because of the tactical nature and immersive experience...keep innovating! Cheers, John Schaeffer 
    April 11
  • Carbonic
    April 8
  • lobo_mcvi
    When I want to play battlefield 4 multiplayer I have an infinite loading screen.
    Playing on ps3
    April 5

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