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  • ttth2
    My post has nothing to do cheaters. I just used a video posted on a page that talked about cheaters to illustrate my complaints about hitbox registration. Why people then went on about the rest of the video is more their problem than mine.
    The whole point of my post is about how bad the registration hit system in the game is (and I use the first few seconds of the video to make my point).
    You have clearly misunderstood the nature and point of my post. The fact that the video then showcases edited footage is obvious and ireelevant. I have no idea why you even mention it. Only the first clip is what interest me for my post.

    Your comment answers a different post to my original post. This is where comprehensions skills come into play. Read again my posts, they complain about the mechanisms and are in no way making any excuse to those shortcomings.

    I do not have to "agree" with your assessment that the game is broken. It works well but has many problems. I played bf2bc, bf3, bf4, hard line and bf1 before and they also had their shortcomings a eyear after release. BF4 launche was catastrophic and in some cases actually unplayable (as in people could not join a game).
    You missed the point of my post. People at EA/ Dice / Criterion work very hard. Coders, 3D and 2D artists etc... I witnessed that myself.
    They are not responsible for the direction the powers that be at EA decide to push the game and how they seem to prioritise cosmetics over fixing the problems. They are as tired as everyone with the problems and have to read about how "lazy" they are when they do very long days. Furthermore, I did not say they EA did not deserve crap. I say some of it is unjust. Again, read the formulation of my post.
    A look at the well documented problems with the frostbite engine explains why things like server imbalance occur. It is not a conspiracy to annoy people. Internally, there are now tolaks to bring the build on which BF5 is built to the latest one to solve exisiting problems. Bf5 was created on a build that is 4 to 5 years old.
    Most of the time, the game works very well for me. But every so often, an ugly bug spoils the enjoyment. The 5 seconds at the start of the video that I linked to was what I wanted to disccuss (the hit registration problem).

    I suggest you read my post again and you may understand it is not defending the problems with the game. It is paramount online to show courtesy and make full use of comprehension skills before replying and not to type aggressive replies that miss the mark. You will notice that your post lead to the closure of the discussion by the mod which is a pity.


    September 17
    • EXILE157
      I suggest you read my comment again, This is where comprehensions skills come into play - I didn't say he was cheating and I didn't make the conversation about cheating/hacking, your OP titled did.

      No. I don't think so, my comment didn't cause the discussion to be closed.

      It is paramount online to show courtesy and make full use of comprehension skills before replying on my activity page and not to type aggressive replies that miss the mark. You can clearly see that the discussion was still going through with no issues after my reply, until the ((6th comments by SteveZee)) and thereafter ((7th by SteveZee again)), ((8th by F1re77)) and the ((9th by JollyJester)) that caused the "lockdown"

      It's been a pity since BF1, that was their intention ever since, to keep the new forum clean of Truth.

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