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  • morewarlesspeace
    Your game is an epic fail. Like a tree full of monkeys throwing crap at each other. Fix tje damn game already and GIVE US HARDCORE
    March 17
  • lozza234
    I just want to know something regarding the turner smle. Why does it have it have a detachable magazine when in real life the gun was designed to never have a dectachable magazine? If you can’t answer the question that’s fine but I was hoping to get some insight for this decision.
    March 11
  • barnesalmighty2
    That rush feedback thread is being ruined. You guys need to ignore 90% of it many posters have a history of capping on anything that's not conquest. Rush is good just need more tickets 125 at start then extra 50 per successful attack and 20 min timer between objectives. Resupply points should get moved away from objectives too and finally push back attacker spawns at start of round and make maps slightly wider. Not that it matters but I've played 10594 rush games since BF3 I looked on trackers and added it up.
    RUSH will never please a conquest player please don't listen to them.
    March 7
  • SubFreeze78
    Add more career rank or nothing already it's rediculous at max 50 for how many months now?
    March 3
  • T0TALfps changed the profile picture for F8RGE.
    February 28
  • T0TALfps changed the profile picture for F8RGE.
    February 26
  • Integer0verload
    I've done the one more kill three or four times now it comes up with a check mark saying iron fist complete and then it does not deliver to the armory. I've checked my squad it's not there either. I'm sure this is a common problem with a lot of people I was probably four or five points away from getting it before it was changed. I did it a couple times yesterday and also today and nothing. At this point I feel like they should just give it to everybody.
    February 20

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