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  • oddgurrl
    Just want to clarify not technically its a pc. More technically its different. Also i dodnt say it would be an easy venture as much as once you know how to accomplish something its not so difficult. Of course efforts are made to prevent hacks. I was only validating the original posters concern that this can happen. I am not understanding why people want to argue the point. Does is quell your own fears of playing with hackers? Hopefully that clarifies my point without continuing this "off topic" on the thread.
    September 5
    • Ferdinand_J_Foch
      Aye, that's fair enough. Also, I don't really play much on console anymore; I play BF1 on PC. I've got plenty of hackers to deal with on this platform, so I really do hope that the PS4/Xbox One don't see too many cheaters, even if it is technically possible for someone out there to do so.

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