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  • plumber6789
    hi i came to this forum as i need some help iam fairly new player to bf series i just need some help in conquest as in is there a optimal flag strategy? iam not sure do you maintain half of the map? and defend it it makes sense on linear maps non linear maps are confusing even so more take achi baba fort de vaux rupture etc etc im runing around more cluelessly on those maps because there is no clear frontline i would appreciate your help if you can thankyou
    January 25
    • GerocK-
      Like you said, it's different on lineair maps than dynamic maps. For any map however my goal is to have just one more flag than the enemy team and then defend what you have.
      It's easiest if the flags you control are close to eachother.
      On lineair maps you can capture the first three flags and just defend the middle flag, while making sure the enemy team isn't flanking to one of your first two flags. Especially on lineair maps I always rush to the middle flag at the beginning of the game. There are plenty of people who will cap the first two flags, but the middle flag is always difficult to recapture if the enemy gets there first.
      On dynamic maps I usually focus on the three flags that are closest to my base spawn. For example on Rupture if you are French, those flags will be A, B and C. But it fluctuates a lot depending on your team and the enemy team.
      C is usually heavily contested and difficult to capture, so if that flag is too difficult in a game, you can try to take D instead.
      Another tip: in a lot of games teams like to "blob" from one flag to another constantly (they move with 15-20 people together and leave a flag immediately after capping it). These flags will often be recaptured by the enemy team immediately. So "blobbing" is very ineffective.
      If you are in a team that blobs; don't join the blob but stay behind to defend what you have.

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