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  • misisipiRivrRat
    Hey there HuJarz,
    I have posted video a more than one occasion of me playing with high ping and finishing at the top of scoring. I was told at that time by vball that my scored well because I wasn't running and gunning when I was only trying to show thst the experience can be good even playing with a high ping.
    Myself and a buddy played at 280ms connection and finished 3rd and 5th in scoring in one game while running the mp18.
    I do have screenshots of recent games showing guys of 160ms connections going like 35-14 which shouldn't be possible? Anyway I know the experience should not be good with high ping but I see otherwise while playing with high ping players finishing atop the leaderboards. Maybe 150 is not considered high? I really don't know. I do know however that I've played enough of this game feel that it isn't playing as well as it should be. For me the best was after the spring patch before the hotfix. But thats only my opinion. Cheers man, have a good one.
    October 19
    • HuwJarz
      Post it up. Ignore the haters. At the end of the day, there are people in these forums that are just plain rude and ignorant. Put your vids up. I promise I will watch them properly and given them an honest assessment. I'm not interested in your style of play or whether you are good. Just whether the game works!

      Thanks for reaching out to me and taking the time to write a private post.

      I'd particularly like to see the 280ms ones. 150 is in 'normal territory'
  • Hypnotic5493
    I added you to psn.
    October 15

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