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  • SquarerFive
    Will Battlefield re-add the "Bots" mode like in Battlefield 2? It would be fun to quickly customize a match and play offline with bots.
    November 18
  • jeepman_00
    I was auto kicked from a server for v1 hacking status 3 I don't have a clue what this is and I certainty have not hacked anything. Any ideas ?
    October 29
  • sicariolikehell
    man, what happen with dice?, every path sucks, am a pilot in the game and now with the path from above is imposible to see spoted enemies, also is imposible to see enemies plane, now am leaving the game on a side cause is borring cause of you guys, am the number 1 pilot in latin america and you guys care **** about us.
    October 12
  • jbutcher1985
    Hey man, first time on forums, I just want you guys to think about offering a battlegrounds type mode(64 player survival) but à la battlefields amazing style. Maybe no tanks and just transport vehicles, more pedestrian variations.... add the out of the window element of hardline ....allow squads or teams ... It would offer a new mode that's growing in popularity right now. I'm sure you've contemplated it before but that's my 2 cents anyways..... love all your games (not hardline)
    October 4
  • Agent2k_7
    Some of the Asian players are having hard time coz there r no local servers for them.The game should deploy more servers or u should add a constraint of atleast 150 ms ping so we could play without any problem
    September 30

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