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  • nickwen007
    September 20
  • L5B6H-F16
    Hello - I there are a bug on my warbonds my rank is 108 but my warbonds (money) is just 90 and ther are to weapons i can't bey because there are no warbonds enough 1 https://a.top4top.net/p_619yhjpr0.jpg. https://b.top4top.net/p_6190d7x51.jpg
    September 11
  • Ygrams
    There is an issue with the sound that I first thought was my receiver giving up (nearly 8 yrs old by now) but my friend has the same issue and I've read on different forums about people experiancing a crackling or static sound. I mostly hear it during kill cams while there is a lot going on, e.g. explosions and such. It is getting very annoying since it seems to increase and occur more often. This MUST be fixed or I don't see why I should keep playing or buying BF-games in the future.
    September 7
  • GodIsAwesome77
    Auotomatic awarded the dog tag when completed instead of waiting and hoping it shows up in collection. Trying to explain it to the help center and after 3 days of trying to explain it and show proof you've earned it they do nothing or say they can't do anything and bring it to the forums.
    September 6
  • ahmed113344
    Hello, my name is Ahmed. I want to submit a proposal for the development of the Battlefield game for many years. The Battlefield game is similar to the ideas. That's why the players started complaining about the repetition of ideas and the uneven development of the game.
    I have three types of change:
    First: The future war
    II: - The current modern war
    Third: World War II
    As for the future war, the first option will be in the form of many different ideas, such as the Armored Robotic Armor Suit, and electronic devices, also the American advanced Ibermus tank, which we will change to the Future Tank
    An example of this is a call of duty game that failed to design a soldier's game because of its lack of suit design, soldiers, tanks, and a few ideas in the game.
    I sent you about a year ago about the Future Soldier game, I know how to attract players to distinctive designs so that they love these games
    I can design future soldiers and tanks very distinctly
    I wrote you the beginning of the idea in brief
    When designing, there will be creativity in the design so please accept me to present my thoughts and designs on you
    This is a brief part of the ideas

    (((( Soldiers of the futuer
    Time in the futuer
    The human race has in hibited all planets, and galaxies.
    A group of insurgents from these who live in other planets, had decided to invade the planet earth, by using large space ship.
    They had chosen to attack, main military bases on earth.
    The earth forces could stand the surprise attack and decided to with draw from their bases.
    The attackers had decided to build a new large base on planet earth.
    The enemy base was build with a high wall and it is well fortified, the wall was supplied with special type of electromagnetic ware generator.
    This wall was made invinsible by the electromagnetic ware it can only be destroyed by the use of nuclear explosion.
    Any rocket with a nuclear head cannot reached the fortified base because of the deployment of a large No of a formidable air defence.
    The base cannot be attacked from the ground because of nuclear weapons defence system.
    The only successful way for the attack is to approach on the sea, using special kinds of submersible, ships that can be used under the sea and over the sea as well.
    The ships are multipurpose they can carry tanks, troops and any other type of military hard ware.
    The ships will launch a surprise attack, by suddenly appearing on the top of the sea.
    The ships will start to bombard it's targets immediately after they appear on the sea level.
    Their main arm will be laser guns, which the ships are supplied with the No of the ships are numerous.
    After destroying the beach defences , a sea landing will start with thousands of tanks and marines , the tanks are begin than the Abrahams', propelled by tow turbo engine , the tank is supplied with many weapon system.
    The main gun is a laser gun, it is difficult to destroy this tank because of it's defence system . This tank is driver by one man other are remotelycontrolled.
    The tanks are supplied with a four barrelled laser gun.
    Enemy force well start launching nuclear hedrockets , our forces will counter by using laser – gun. Marines tank will start to advance on enemy lines also accompanied by air crafs. Enemy ,soldiers,had,dug defensive lines on the outskirts of the citadel.
    The marines will reach the enemy, the marines , tanks, will start to attack the citadel wall. All bombing is nuclear . The magnetic wares generated will start to malfunction , there will be spots in the wall. Tanks will start to in filterate through the wall. ))))
    Complete the idea in a nutshell ..
    (US Marines then penetrate the wall, the tanks enter into a battle with the mechanized soldiers between barracks and in the streets and roads of the buildings. The tanks defeat the mechanized soldiers and reach the reactors and generators that generate electricity to the electromagnetic wall. Introducing the infantry to the heart of the base and destroying the enemies, the tanks reach a second group of enemies and their defenses, after which the tanks resist and move forward and surprised by the existence of another electromagnetic wall
    The tanks are preparing to destroy the wall with limited nuclear-magnetic missiles before the rockets are fired. Tanks explode with a puff of nuclear bombs. The ground shatters. All the tanks are destroyed. A few tanks survive and withdraw from the battle. US forces send marines and special forces to transport airborne troops with limited altitude. On the ground ..
    I will shorten some details: -
    The game of online and team play in the idea of ​​the future soldier is similar to the individual game, the number of players in the server must reach 120 or 150 players, the competition becomes more beautiful and more enjoyable, we enter the players of programmers from the computer with the real players to inflate the game
    Explanation of the style of online: -
    It must be in the form of pictures. The written explanation is very lengthy so I write it for you later.
    2 - we come to World War II we will make the game huge individual battles such as the German tanks and Russian Tanker tank and tank T - 34 Russian, which reached the number of tanks to 4000 tanks participated in the battle we will make the story of individual play like the fact and also the huge US landing on the islands of Japan, Take down the world and fight British ships for German ships This is a brief statement about the game
    We come to the Oolians and the collective game (((Olayen map Collective play on the wars of ships The players are distributed on the ships cannon soldier .. Soldier resistance aircraft .. Commandant .. Etc .. The soldiers are not dazzled in one place and are distributed to all ships with Enter the aircraft carrier and ride the aircraft soldiers are distributed to all weapons and military equipment becomes a fierce battle will entertain all players ..
    When a team loses a move to a second map, then the loser is the defender and the winner is the attack and it is a sea landing ... The attackers are distributed to the guns and the defensive barracks, the machine guns and the military positions. We make the safety of the ships from the cannon and the safety of the artillery and the barracks of the ships. Be at the expense of being targeted by the artillery ... The landing will be a large group of boats and amphibious tanks and start a fierce battle interactive players will dazzle
    The second map is the landing of the Normandy air ... The fourth map forcing the players to battle the tanks between the Germans and the Russians ... The fifth map The German attack and the defense of the Russians The distribution of the players on the German tanks attacking the infantry and the distribution of the players on the Russian barracks ...You have a game of modern weapons will be different ideas We will work to make buildings where the defenders such as high buildings and frequent windows and filled with snipers and make the attackers bomb buildings with tanks, missiles and aircraft on buildings and gradually break down until the fall like the fact encourages the players to buy ....Ideas should be arranged and designed if you agree to my request and get to your company to design ideas more easily ...
    Thank you with best wishes and lasting success

    August 13
  • Randomperson429
    Nerf the Hellrigel. Fix the spawning on dead teammates. Change that stupid "destroy two planes with the Madsen challenge" for that new Parabellum machine gun
    August 5
  • SquarerFive
    Hello Dice, I would like to know if they are adding Skirmish (bots) mode to BF1?
    August 1
  • ECWIGHT0707
    Hi dice, it is with all console players in mind that we would like to know when cte will be released and would be happy
    To see it prioritized. Thank you

    Vote up to see a change
    July 31
  • EEliteJuggernaut
    Hello DICE,

    the new map Brusilov Keep, keeps crashing my game at about 20min, others on the map have the same issue

    July 26
  • 12shawc
    One last thing: it was a bold and ingenious move to foreground the Harlem Hellfighters in this game. Would love to explore their experiences in more detail in future updates. Thanks!
    July 24
  • 12shawc
    Hello DICE,

    I would love to see a mode that features only biplane dog-fighting, similar to the "Fighter Squadron" mode in Star Wars Battlefront. The biplanes are the most exhilarating and unique aspect of this game for me and while the aerial combat in modes like "Operations" and "Conquest" is awesome, the focus is necessarily on how the limited number of planes support the ground team. I think there are interesting opportunities for large-scale, team-based dog-fighting that shifts the focus from ground to aerial combat. This would also provide an outlet for players who primarily enjoy piloting to spawn continuously into planes, rather than having to hope that a plane is free and/or wait on the spawn screen.

    If I were to really dream big, a biplane focused operation over multiple aerial maps would be amazing, with each map providing a different gameplay opportunity. This was handled extremely well in the Star Wars Death Star maps.

    Thank you for listening to feedback!
    July 24
  • EmortalXecutioN
    Hi. One small thing I wish was added is a certain HUD setting. I want to completely immerse myself in the game by turning off the HUD. The current option to turn off the HUD does everything I would like it to, but it removes the indicators above teammates and enemies' heads. I think there should be an option where this HUD element is left on. Thank you for listening to feedback.
    July 21

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