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  • 12shawc
    One last thing: it was a bold and ingenious move to foreground the Harlem Hellfighters in this game. Would love to explore their experiences in more detail in future updates. Thanks!
    July 24
  • 12shawc
    Hello DICE,

    I would love to see a mode that features only biplane dog-fighting, similar to the "Fighter Squadron" mode in Star Wars Battlefront. The biplanes are the most exhilarating and unique aspect of this game for me and while the aerial combat in modes like "Operations" and "Conquest" is awesome, the focus is necessarily on how the limited number of planes support the ground team. I think there are interesting opportunities for large-scale, team-based dog-fighting that shifts the focus from ground to aerial combat. This would also provide an outlet for players who primarily enjoy piloting to spawn continuously into planes, rather than having to hope that a plane is free and/or wait on the spawn screen.

    If I were to really dream big, a biplane focused operation over multiple aerial maps would be amazing, with each map providing a different gameplay opportunity. This was handled extremely well in the Star Wars Death Star maps.

    Thank you for listening to feedback!
    July 24
  • EmortalXecutioN
    Hi. One small thing I wish was added is a certain HUD setting. I want to completely immerse myself in the game by turning off the HUD. The current option to turn off the HUD does everything I would like it to, but it removes the indicators above teammates and enemies' heads. I think there should be an option where this HUD element is left on. Thank you for listening to feedback.
    July 21
  • BadBoyAKABB
    Why does all the gadgets on all the classes except for the Scout kills one person. Like the Medic rifle grenades or the Support crossbow grenades or the Assault rocket gun, anti tank grenades, have the ability to kill one person, but [Scout's only weapon gadget, the trip wire only injures to 80% at best, so does the Scott have to baby sit their gadget to finish off the enemy since its gadget does not even have the ability to kill one. Here what I think dice did. They heard about the complaints of trip wire so one person maybe worked on making it weaker while another worked on taking one away so instead of 2 there is only 1. And here how we can fix this issue. Either give Scott's 2 so they can put them together to make one kill or the better idea would be keep it at one trip wire only but make the one little stronger so it kills one person like the other classes do.
    July 20
  • MrUpvote
    I really think the priorities thread should be open to all.
    July 19
    • MrUpvote
      I guess it was a mobile problem. Sorry for the first message.

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