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  • RichAC
    ya I haven't posted for probably 6 months. My pc was packed up for a week too when moving put it all back together everything working. TIme to get in the action. lol Just got my desk didn't move the pc from the kitchen yet. Didn't realize how awesome this rig looks forgot it lights up haha. I need an intel sticker though you don't have an extra do ya? :)

    cya in the field.
    October 17
    • LOLGotYerTags
      I don't have any stickers mate, Have you tried shooting intel an email? Pretty sure they'll be able to hook a brother up :)
  • RichAC
    sup man for some reason I can't post on the forums. How is BFV ? I can't wait! Thanks for help.
    October 17
  • "What's your post count?"

    It's over 9000!!!!!
    October 6
  • JenNifeer1982
    Hi ^.^ You once helped me to fix an issue and i apricate it a lot, And now i just got new issue on my new pc, In game it doesn't show my ping instead of showing the ping it shows like this (--) So i get kicked from every server i join says Kicked by an admin for ping missing and in game it keep warns me Please fix your missing ping, I've been trying to fix it for hours but its not working, i tried to call my internet company to check my ICMP and it wasn't blocked so bf should recieve my ping but i dont know what else to do :'( Please help.
    October 3
  • SimsBro_69
    Hello I’ve been trying to get people into my platoon but my posts get no traffic. Please help
    October 1
    • LOLGotYerTags
      This is likely because you are spamming the forum with a new thread everyday for the past 3 days.

      I have trashed the 2 before today's thread, rather than creating a new thread daily thus spamming the forum, make the one thread and bump it a maximum of 4 times per 24 hours.

      Spamming is against the rules and can result in your thread creation ability to be revoked temporarily, So please use the advice above.

      If you need people to join your platoon you need to outlay why you think your platoon offers the same or better experiences than other platoons.

      Also try responding to posts where others are looking for platoons ( not other platoon recruitment threads however )
  • Lord_Senoch
    Hi thanks, It means I wouldnt be able to launch it anyway. i was annoyed because it downloaded 5GB and it refused to carry on. Have a great day !
    September 17
    • LOLGotYerTags
      It's cool man.. You missed beta by a good week easily.

      It started 4th September for pre-orders, And Sep 6th for everyone else and it ended around 3pm UK time on the 11th
  • LOLGotYerTags changed their profile picture.
    September 13
  • LOLGotYerTags changed their profile picture.
    August 25
    • Pvt_Ferret
      Hi there! Would you be so kind to tell me how do I change my avatar on this forum? Cant find such an option.
    • LOLGotYerTags
      Change it with your gravatar for BF3/BF4/BFH :)

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