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  • Raif71
    Hi there,
    Just have a few questions if you don't mind....

    Lots of Buzz about the next Battlefield for sure.

    Have you heard anything about whether multiplayer will still be available?
    Do you know if Private servers will remain available like in BF4?
    Will BF4 still be able to be played once 5 is released?

    How many Servers still are out there now?
    I saw a stat recently that there were still around 40k U.S. players... wasn't sure how valid.
    I see many servers are doing well, and with many new people who are new to the game, and loving it!!

    Many are already saying that if no multiplayer ( someone heard there wasn't going to be multiplayer available)
    that they would not be buying the game and just staying with the existing games that are out there.

    Appreciate whatever you are able to comment, or insight you may have. Thanks for your time!!

    April 20
    • LOLGotYerTags
      I've heard nothing about the new bf at all man, Even if I was told the setting etc I couldn't tell you even then as I'm under a non-disclosure agreement.

      I know one thing, The rumour it won't have multiplayer seems far fetched to me, BF has always been about large scale multiplayer warfare so I can't see that being even remotely true.

      I can't see BF4 going offline when the new game comes considering there are still servers for bad company 2 some 8 years after its launch
  • HeavyTemplar
    Hey... You can still go **** Off! Go ahead and cry to you **** leaders and get their permission to perma band me and please do!! Don't bother emailing me to let me know because I give Zero ****!! You just a tool! LOL
    February 27
    • LOLGotYerTags
      Lol cool, I'm a Hammer.. And it was just swung.

    • evriviadis
      hi man iam still alive and god bless are an honest man and i wish the best for you
  • Raif71
    On a different matter....

    do you happen to know if istats, metabans, or pbscreens will be back?
    They were great tools. Interested in helping resurrect them if that is a possibility.
    April 20
  • Northernlight777
    Servers empty issues , you have contact with dice please let them know Xbox one is having issues in star operations
    April 10
  • robmcewen
    Daleks or Cats?
    March 31
  • Dr_Shakahlu
    Hello there, I had a thread in the PS4 Platoon section and I edited it a bunch of times because I kept changing grammatical mistakes, and now it disappeared. I'm worried it may have been mistaken for being bumped, although it doesn't have any replies yet. I didn't think editing bumped a post. But anyway it was perfect at the end and I fear i have lost it and will have to re-write lol. But I will wait to do that until I hear back from you or another mod/admin. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

    (P.S I am still pretty new to the site).

    March 26
    • Sawtooth75
      If you go to your profile page you can find all the discussions you started and comments you made.

      If a discussion or comment is ‘removed’, it won’t be visible there either although Moderators can still see and find those.
  • ItzTaylor18
    Just a small anyone having poor match making? I don't mean connection issues but where you constantly fight a losing battle...past 4 games I've played in a row I've lost them all...Jw
    March 29
  • LOLGotYerTags changed their profile picture.
    March 28
  • 11KingJake11
    I reported LOLGotSmallBalls for closing forums because he has a different opinion
    March 17
    • EA_Alexander
      If you will continue trying to shame volunteer mods for what they do (and in this case they just closed a necroed thread). We will have to take action against your forum account. Please check our rules before further posting:
  • Gattlin
    That comment about fiber was in reference to the fiber optic cable that was cut and repaired from what I've read was the reason for the BF1 servers being off line.
    March 9
  • WOOOO!

    Finally unlocked the Obrez.

    Let the Martini Henry 1-2 punch commence.
    March 9
  • PanzerSten
    Oh you a mod, i played with you in one server nice to meet you :)
    March 8
    • LOLGotYerTags
      Nice to meet you good sir :)

      Knife to meet you? mwahahahaha.
  • BaronVonGoon
    This wall is so entertaining.
    February 28
  • abdou-Justice-dz
    Hi man how are you .sorry for disturbance
    I'm confused and I do not know the solution and ask for help
    I have a problem in btf4 .When you enter the server, this message appears

    Jeu déconnecté: vous avez été kické par PunkBuster. Raison déclarée: interdiction permanente PunkBuster émise sur ce serveur de jeu pour le joueur 'abdou-Justice-dz' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN 292ecf7e

    And after I have posted my page on AE .He said that you were banned and the ban must be challenged
    how do I do that
    pls thx
    February 27
    • LOLGotYerTags
      You need to dispute your game ban by contacting evenbalance

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