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  • Frindly-Fire-4
    hi , i have made 2 video`s of the p51`s , if u wana go DF the P51k is the go to with the same tree in the video, if u wana go to ground go with the P51D with the same tree of the video you can change only the type of rockets but anything else is a waste   , and you can also DF with it but as u said The G6 have all the good stuff
    i cant share links here so search my channel frindlyfire4
    June 24
  • Alice_Raven_0137
    I don't know if this posts to the thread, but the AA got ridiculous.  I have games where there is a literal no fly zone over the objectives regardless of how high you fly or how hard you maneuver, between AAA and SAMs.  Penetrating the Integrated Air Defense Zone was impossible and anyone even trying to test the SAM belt was killed.  Just to test it out I got into an 40mm and shot down nearly everything that came my way.  I was one-shotted three times by a fliegerfaust MANPAD and damaged once in one game.  One kill was while I was chasing a Corsair and just eyeballing the guy who shot me down it was maybe a half mile while I was maybe 2000' and trying to line up a shot.  Maybe, to balance the game again vs the fliegerfaust MANPAD, they could include Wild Weasels and AGM-84 HARMs or an AS-4 ARM to weaken the IADS so that a plane could survive more than ten seconds over an objective.  :expressionless:
    May 18

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