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  • stoinge
    Actually i may as well ask it now. Does BF1 give you that feeling , or close to it compared to anything else
    January 8
  • stoinge
    Hi , i'm an old socom player an saw your comment about no respawns which are so much more exciting in combat. I used to play ghost recon capture/defend the base with no respawns , ahh the best feeling ever , you build a tactical relationship with that team on any given night. That tension with just two of you left whilst attacking the base patiently, heart pumping. I'd use the snipe to scope ahead........ the streets being nervously quite , knowing they still have four guys waiting for us.Sry getting carried away here lol.
    You got my juices flowing with that comment. I've been out of the game for 2 years an Battlefield 1 has got me interested again. I wanna get back in there, haven't bought the game yet but wanted to ask a like minded player about it. (i'll come back to see if this message gets to you before i say anything else) Thank you
    January 8

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