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  • GewyMac
    Hey man, looking for a group of people to play with for any battlefield, I play many other games to but could use a group to play with. I'm 31, played plenty of tactical shooters in my time and active everyday??
    March 1
  • sbvaughn88
    Hey Man, so I went on the platoon website and registered. I had a blast playing with you guys last night. I felt a little out of my element and didn’t play so great because I don’t normally play conquest, but I’d be willing to switch over and play it if you guys have people on frequently. I have much more fun with a group. All of you guys were super cool. I’ve been playing solo most of BF5. Not sure are there any requirements for being accepted in? My SPM could be higher (around 360-370)...again I lone wolf and mostly play recon on breakthrough unless I get in a good squad and we can rush. I feel my contribution to a random team is better by me picking guys off flags rather than just running in and dying. Anyways, how will I know if I’ve been accepted or not? Have a great weekend buddy and look forward to pkaying again soon.
    February 16
    • Mishkin37
      It was great playing with you, Vaughn! Last night was a lot of fun. Those guys are all good dudes to game with; there are probably 20 others who play regularly that are a lot of fun, too. We don’t sweat it too much. We just try to have fun and BS and kill some enemies in the process. Definitely Google Pork Chop Platoon and apply. We’d love to have you. I might be on a bit more frequently this week, because I have it off from work. All depends on the baby and the wife!

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