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Hey, if you are reading it you have stumbeld on an right platoon. I am an battlelog & line app manager for Phantom Syndicate (PSYN) (eSyn). We are a right platoon for you if You want to have fun (PSYN) or go competitive (eSyn). We are recurting active players in Bf4, Bfh and on outcoming Bf1. But we do have requierments, Bf4 kd at least 1.6 or spm 500+. Bhl kd 4 spm 1000+ ( reson for so high requierments, because we have many, many good players in our platoon on Hardline). Remember requierments arent made from stone they can be bended if you can prove yourself. I dont consider us just an platoon on PlayStation, we are a family here one for all and all for one. To join us just message our recurting manager rivaLxCaptain or any our leaders Cloudsk, Vycinas2. So dont be shy give us a try, seeya on the battlefield.


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