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  • WetFishDB
    I take it you don’t want an infantry 1v1 then?

    I’m not going to 1v1 you in heavy bombers because that’s just silly. This is a predominantly infantry game. Just 1v1, no medic train to back me up, no voice comms. You can play any infantry class you like with any gadgets you like. See which of us can adapt better?

    No worries if not, but figured I’d extend the invite directly rather than detailing a thread. I’ll keep a special eye out for you in game.
    May 4
    • NLBartmaN
      There is air assault, there is frontlines with tanks.
      But I understand you don't want that.

      I like BF1 because it has vehicles, put a lot of hours (and deaths) in it to be able to play everything.

      That to me is more important and fun then only be good in 1 part of the game.

      For infantry 1 on 1 there are lots of other games.
      The 1 on 1 was an idea to see how good someone is at BF1, not at playing infantry, that is just a small part of BF1.

      You should try a round of Air Assault and try to get the fighter Ribbon, maybe that changes your mind about some stuff.

      Also try a round with the Reaper and **** affliction, it might be fun to do something else for a change.
    • WetFishDB
      It’s all well and good spending time in tanks etc. But there isn’t a tank 1v1 mode. No tank ever spends their time just fighting off other tanks. They have to fight off infantry and planes too. So 1v1 in tanks means absolutely nothing.

      You might want to hide behind niche modes like air assault, but it wouldn’t say a single thing. I have absolutely no interest in niche modes. This is predominantly an infantry game, hence why the infantry challenge is pretty much how every 1v1 has ever been fought.

      Infantry combat is what the vast majority of players spend the vast majority of time doing in BF1. It’s not a small part of BF1 in the slightest - it is by a long way the MAIN part. Just look at the proportion of time players play as infantry classes vs pilots and tanks etc. Vehicle classes are the small part by a long long margin.

      If you are worried about me using my medic experience too much. If you like, we’ll play 4 rounds, 1 of each infantry class. So 1 game where we are both only Scouts. 1 as Assaults. 1 Support. And 1 medic. If we need to we can play a decider where you can play any class you like. Should even the odds a little given I’m only a one trick pony - right?

      Stop hiding behind niche modes and vehicles, come play a standard 1v1 and take it in good spirit. Or are you worried that I might kick your backside even without my medic train, pub stomping, voice comms?

      You’ve got nothing to lose by hiding, as that’s what everyone’s seen so far and expects of you. By playing and taking the outcome as a good sport, whatever it may be, it might actually earn you some respect amongst the forum.
    • NLBartmaN
      It is simple: BF1 is popular because of the vehicles.

      The "discussion" is about BF1 "skill"


      You can't show BF1 "skill" without vehicles.

      Nothing to do with hiding, just a difference of opinion on what BF1 and "skill" is.
    • WetFishDB
      You absolutely can talk about skill at BF1 without spending time padding in a vehicle as there are literally no vehicles that can’t be destroyed by good infantry. Maybe we should have an AA Turret 1v1 (that’s a joke BTW). Vehicles are not required to win games of Conquest or Operations at all. It’s an infantry game predominantly.

      But hey, you wanna hide behind your niches - go right ahead. We all know it’s because you like hiding behind excuses. The offer of a standard 1v1 format is there if you ever want to creep out from behind your cry-hard corner.
    • NLBartmaN
      And again the namecalling when it is not going your way .. we will never agree, so accept it.
    • WetFishDB
      Fair enough. In a way, not agreeing with you seems to be a common thing given the other PM’s I’ve had. Everyone knows the truth. Only person you are fooling is yourself.
    • NLBartmaN
      Keeps on being funny, not able to win a discussion that is about an opinion and trying all kinds of mindgames and intimidation.
    • WetFishDB
      Don’t be intimidated. It’s just a forum and a game. You can keep thinking you are playing the objective in a heavy bomber (whilst relying on infantry to capture a flag) and I’ll keep on actually winning games as Infantry. Your game to enjoy however you like.

      In the meantime, keep up your anti-infantry, anti-teamwork rhetoric. The only one buying it is you. The rest of us actually find the naivety kinda funny.

      But it’s also my game to enjoy however I like. Given you won’t 1v1 me, I’ll keep an eye on BF tracker and try to find you in game instead. Maybe I’ll spectate and see true mastery at work, or maybe I’ll join the enemy team and see if your Heavy Bomber or Support re-supplying the Tank Hunter really wins the game or not.
    • NLBartmaN
      It is just funny the effort you and your Platoon put in it to want to have it your way that bad ... just like DonSharky, that IS a good OVERALL player I am really entertained :)
    • WetFishDB
      You know Don has messaged me taking the **** out of you too right? You are a laughing stock amongst most of the regular forum members. Don even came and played a few games with us after we shared a mutual joke or two at your expense. Seems like a nice guy.

      You somehow think time spent in a vehicle getting your butt kicked actually makes you skilled. You are delusional. Time spent <> Skill in the slightest. Hence despite you spending hundreds of hours at infantry and still sucking and being scared to play against me. It’s also why despite your ‘skill’ and time spent in vehicles you still lose a heck loads more than I do. Because what you consider skill doesn’t mean diddly when it comes to actually winning games.

      And infantry is now a small part of the game. That is classic. You should frame that for the quote of the week.

      See you didn’t comment on the Heavy Bomber thread. What, worried more people will laugh at you and call out your nonsense?

      On the plus side, whatever it is you are taking that’s making you this high. Must be some good stuff.
    • NLBartmaN
      The funny part is: he did that about you too, he just wants to be entertained ;)

      But it is STILL funny the effort you put into this, I am seriously laughing my **** off :D

      You really must not like it I call you a one trick pony with a medic train, since you think that makes you a good player ..
      Must be a real case of low self esteem ..
    • WetFishDB
      Oh look. Even oneforce thinks you are a joke too. This is hilarious. Keep going as it’s certainly a bit more entertaining than the normal toxic twaddle that gets posted. You are a more ‘special’ than most that cry-hard on the forums. You keep going, and it’s wonderful - please don’t stop.

      So, let’s recap. You think:

      You PTFO’s in Heavy Bomber. Hilarious.

      Infantry is a small part of the game despite it being about 85% of the time most people spend in the game, and two thirds of your time in game. Numbers clearly not your strong suit.

      Quitting to pad stats is fine.
      Don’t like playing against 3 medics on a team and so quit to pad your win rate (and other stats).
      Doesn’t like playing against platoons, so quits to pad your win rate.
      Despite padding win rate it’s barely above 50%. Yikes. You must spend a lot of time in the menus?

      You die as often as you kill, despite spending a third of your time in vehicles (which are inherently more powerful than a single infantry). I can only assume you suck at infantry even worse than you suck in vehicles. I don’t know any other vehicle heavy user with stats that bad that actually thinks they are actually ‘skilled’. Experienced maybe, but skilled - lol.

      People using platoons and social aspects of the game are toxic and somehow a problem. I’m guessing you don’t have many friends? Shame on Dice for letting people play multiplayer games together. Ruins the game.

      Anyone who has better infantry stats has to be padding. This is probably because that’s what you try and do (and still suck). You can’t accept that you just aren’t very good. And it’s me with the low self esteem. Wonderful irony.

      And so to compensate for all that inadequacy you come to the forum and get roasted over and over. Little bit of a SM streak huh?

      Honestly dude, it’s comedy gold.

      Why would I actually care what you think? You are clearly pretty crap at the game, yours stats are crap despite padding, and your comments are mostly just comedy nonsense. If anything your desperation to try and make out you are some way in superior just flatters me even more and the way you do it is hugely entertaining to so many. It’s not often there is someone so universally laughed at.

      Honestly sir, bravo.
    • WetFishDB
      I know you like to have the last word, so I’ll leave you to spout whatever awesome comeback you like and promise I won’t respond (as we both know it’s just words and in game you can’t cut it).
    • NLBartmaN
      Keep it comming, I really like one tricks ponys guys with low self esteem that need "respect" and approval for the way they play and just won't stop :D
    • NLBartmaN
      BTW, because I feel sorry and sad for you and I will give you a chance to get my "respect":

      get MVP 3 times with an Attack plane on operations before monday and you will have my respect.

      Shouldn't be that hard for a skilled player like you.
    • NLBartmaN
      You know what, I will even give you a choice to make it easier: Attack Plane or Horse, both is good.

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