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  • AK_Stealthy_A
    Hello Nateoxide,

    I was wondering if I could have a word with you?
    Do you have a discord or a TS if not that's fine I can I can invite you to my channels?

    I would like to discuss a small issue.

    Best regards
    August 4
  • PvtJohnTowle
    Posted in thread on forums

    Q: How many EA employees does it take to change a lightbulb?
    A: 2 People - Preliminary discussion on concept of change.
    1 Person - Devise and write formal bulb architecture.
    2 People - Feasability study and timetable of events.
    2 People - Produce four utilities to reduce screw-in time
    (in addition to the electric utility).
    1 Person - Maintain ISO and DEC standards
    (sockets, voltage, AC/DC).
    4 People - Commonality task force on bulb change.
    15 People - Change bulb.
    5 People - Perform bulb functional test.
    2 People - Perform bulb load test.
    3 People - Perform bulb regression test.
    1 Person - Perform bulb performance analysis.
    1 Person - Perform bulb bottleneck analysis.
    1 Person - Follow-up study (bulb merge feasibility).
    1 Person - Interface with utilities commission.
    1 Person - Interface with users. (Did they want incandescent
    when we only supply non-tunable fluorescent point
    product?) BAX (Bulbs Are eXpensive)!
    5 People - Perform BOSE (Build Other Socket Enhancements).
    compatibility architecture/study.
    3 People - Perform VIA (Voltage Increases Amps) phase 2
    compatibility architecture/study.
    2 People - Ensure form (round, square, clear/frosted)
    follows function (wattage, 120/240 volts,
    visible/ultra-violet, flashing, flood/spot).
    3 People - Implement temporary alternative bulb socket for already
    existing, successful, and profitable socket (bulb-in-one).
    5 People - Determine how to market/package/distribute temporary
    alternative bulb socket.
    10 People - Determine how to perform bulb change product split
    (Control: switches, dimmers; versus implementation:
    screw-in torque, recovery strategies).
    1 Person - Interface with utilities commission QA group.
    1 Person - Submit to BDC (Bulb Distribution Center).
    1 Person - Set up BPR (Bulb Problem Reports) system.
    10 People - Answer customer BPRs.
    11 People - Football team to challenge bulb changers.
    July 27

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