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  • ollie_galgoczy
    Good day

    So Dice took away RSA servers 😠so fine I been playing with crappy latency , I logged into a solo firestorm and guess what got two EU wankers teaming up in the solo mode, I got video to prove it so if u can take away our servers these cheaters need to get ban from the game , please advise how I go about sending proof of the cheaters and get them banned

    April 2
  • Bloufietterjoel
    This is what you promised concerning the COVID-19 outbreak: "All of our titles will remain online, our servers remain active". I am an avid BF5 player from South Africa and learned that you removed the only 2 servers that you made available to our country for this title. Our country's citizens have been issued with a national stay at home order for a minimum of 21 days from 27 March 2020. Your decision to end our local servers came at the worst possible time and I am sure that you will see this in the reactions of SA players. At a ping of 170+, this game is virtually unplayable on servers outside of the Africa region. Are you able to restore Africa-region servers and live up to your promise, or not? Looking forward to hearing from you. Faan van den Berg (email: [email protected])
    April 1
  • FeiChenPP
    Hello, I'm a PC player of battlefield 5. There's something wrong with my account,Arms reach lv20,Weapon cannot be unlocked!Please help me!God bless you

    March 10
  • KAsumio_Ulta
    I dont use any cheat in game but my account was banned. so i want to know why many hackers who i report many times still play in game and why Im not use any cheat was banned immediately
    March 3
  • mjtrout1111
    You need to tell the higher ups at EA or DICE that their current vision for the game in terms of balance and UI changes are really horrible. Nobody likes it and it goes against the wishes of people that paid 30-60$ on the game
    February 14

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