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  • depressedtuna
    Do you guys know if their going to bring back the lunge mine?
    December 2019
  • Bopper7629
    I've been a die hard fan of the BF series for a very long time now...Since it came to the Original Xbox and I have bought every game since then for the console between Xbox and PS...This latest patch made the game so bad, that I couldn't even play for longer than 30 mins or so.  I took the game off of my hard drive on PS4 after the 5.2 patch came out, I played a few games with it and I was getting destroyed so easily while playing my favorite class, support. How does a smg do more damage than a LMG OR MMG....We know it doesn't, but it seems the developers wanted people to play their way, not what the people or the fans want.  I just downloaded BF 5 again last night because maybe I didn't give the patch a chance.  I am sorry, this patch totally makes this a CQB came with weapons that should be killing people further out than what the developers know.  Maybe the developers should go to the gun range and actually fire the weapons for real and see what they can actually do, rather than what they think they can do.  I really won't be playing BF 5, this TTK is the same as was done before, nerf the support class totally, along with the assault class...I really wanted to give it a chance, so I tried playing again today and it's just as bad as WHEN patch 5.2 came out.  I am going back to BF 4 and I probably won't be buying the next BF  since this is so bad...I just want to know the reasoning for raising all the TTK for assault and support? There's no way a smg should do more damage to someone out beyond 30 meters when a LMG or MMG is firing at them from the same distance...That really makes no sense at all, so goodbye and I am going to save my $60, or should I say probably buy the new COD and play that..
    December 2019
    Hey, when are you guys going to fix - FAILED TO JOIN GAME SESSION  The game could not be found.    When we try to join a server with a Queue. I've been getting it since the 5.2 update and still the same with 5.2.2 update.
    December 2019
  • MusicienElegant
    TTK 5.0 with more recoil. Simple.
    December 2019
  • godziel1564
    Other errors to be fixed

    1- After update 5.2, aircraft pilots cannot see enemies through the site, the flag has become useless.

    2- it was almost impossible to shoot down aircraft with Fliegerfaust, the game gave more war immersion with aircraft falling from the sky in the middle of the battlefield.

    3-dynamites and panzerfaust are causing little damage to tanks.

    4- The mine's blast radius does not cause critical damage when activated by the enemy, almost impossible to kill it

    5- Bug when choosing a vehicle at the beginning of the match, usually crashes the match is and necessary to leave the server.

    6- Annoying bug when entering the menu during the match and returning to the game, the menu is frozen on the screen disrupting the view of the match.

    7- After updating 5.2, medical class and support lost their usefulness, because with increased ammunition rarely and necessary to ask for ammunition or medical kit in our warrior arms
    December 2019
  • VikingrFist
    Tank were fine the way they were, now they are too strong, the aa missle is now almost useless, trench carbine isnt supposed to be a weak rapid fire gun its a scout weapon, less rpm more power. Why does a scout have to put more rounds into someone then the guy with a sub. Its a carbine, not a pistol. Basically you are making it easy mode for vehicle hogs and exploiters of rush die res run and gun zerg, who cryed because scouts had a close quarters combat option and couldnt be so easily steam rolled. In short the people who exclusively run vehicles are the loudest and you are catering to them. They are the same people who strafe from side to side with tommy guns and camp in corners with mg, or shotguns. They are the same ones that run around in platoons, zerging and rezing each other, using strength in numbers instead of having a gun fight. The crowd that loves using the safe option, the easy way. TTK is now broken. 
    December 2019
  • Yugoflyer
    How do I play chapter 5 single player in battlefield 5?
    December 2019
  • zoinkersScoob
    Here I am, trying real Hard to enjoy the game I’ve come to love.
    But no.
    It’d just not as fun as it used to be.

    There are tons of things that needs to be changed to make them good and if you touch them at all you make them worse.

    Your idea about the TTK apart.

    Like tanks.
    A lot of players who use tanks has asked for the possibility to have a preset tank to spawn into.
    But no.
    Not even did you ignore that wish But also changed the default tank from the one on the far left to the one on the far right.
    Seriously, why?
    In what way would that make me enjoy the game more?

    And when you say ”It’d not a general TTK-uppgrade, we just want players to use weapons At their intended range.”
    Why lower the spm on self loading scout rifles?

    Please guys, just like in any working relationstip you are now at the point where you have to say ”You are right, I am wrong” or...
    ..well I don’t know. You’ll be one of them sad folks sittning at the pub saying ”my wife don’t understand me”.
    December 2019
  • tullyscurry
    Hi PartWelsh, 

    I literally never log in to any game specific forum. With your proposed TTK update, you've changed that. 

    No one in the community asked for this. One of the main reasons I didn't enjoy BF1 as much as I do BFV is the ridiculous amount of ammo i have to pump into a player. You literally are moving back in this direction with no Hardcore option for me to opt out of this. As a competitive game, i shouldn't be punished for getting the drop on someone by turning guns into nothing more than potatoes. 

    For me, BFV pushes 'immersion' through all these different variables, and then its nerfed by changes to bullet damage...I

    For the record, I'm against this and very frustrated that Dice is even contemplating it. I'm at a point now that after a year of pushing my friends your way to play the game, I just can't bothered anymore. 
    December 2019
    • Grundle3001
      I have never signed up for a video game forum... been gaming for 34 years. All the dice and ea staff techs need to do is maintain security and add a new map and maybe a new gun occasionally. why the hell do they always insist on these drastic updates? smh
  • Grundle3001
    the game doesnt even start up now. 
    December 2019
  • Stonereguard
    I can't watch score after mach and new weapon/grenades/etc didn't open after lvl up!
    A lot of people have problem with update, but you still do nothing.
    Thx for update, DICE! F+ck you and your game!
    December 2019
  • atcnavy43
    Good Morning Dice!!!   I want to personally thank you for ruining a game that I was so excited for that I pre-ordered the deluxe edition in spite of the poor reveal and controversy.  Though you screwed we Deluxe owners with the undelivered supply drops, we kept playing regardless that you would do as you have always done with other BF titles and fix reported issues quickly.  Sadly, you have failed to do that and now, with this pathetic update, you've forced myself and MANY, MANY fellow real world combat veterans from even having the game installed on our systems any longer.  You ignored the larger voices of your long time community and changed the TTK system which EVERYONE was comfortable with (save for your whining Call of Duty players).  Your implementation of the dumb idea of a 3D spotting system nullifies ANY benefits of trying to wear the proper attire for the map to remain concealed from your enemy. Why do something so stupid when you already have spotting flares from planes, recons, the Valentine AA? as well as spotting scopes?  Player visibility was NEVER the issue, it was pathetic player awareness since their so concerned with their K/D ratio than their surroundings and the objectives!   I proved this point by laying on the ground in the middle of the Bravo objective on Hamada wearing brown camo and mowed down 8 players that ran OVER me to try and revive the player I had just killed!  If your goal was to turn this game into another form of Call of Duty, then you have, with this update, achieved that goal.  You have turned a game where teamwork and hard work will earn you rewards to another "Participation Trophy" FPS game title.  I applaud you for your success at exiling the majority(or remaining) loyal player base.
    December 2019

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