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  • ShotgunAZ
    The mechanics of the game - run, slide, jump are the best of any Battlefield I've owned.  I still randomly get stuck on things - debris on any given map - which is realistic but not what I want to experience in a game.  The tanks seem very OP, same for planes but at least it's possible to shoot down planes now.  In fact, given the long, open stretches on so many maps, infantry is a miserable experience.  I miss all the infantry maps from Battlefield 4 where tanks supported the infantry without dominating the game.  You could sum up Battlefield V as almost entirely giant tank and plane maps, making infantry a spawn and die scenario. Speaking of spawn, I appreciate not spawning into a stream of bullets but I am yank back to spawn a LOT.  By the time the spawn graphical effects actually drop me near a squadmate, he is under fire again and I get yanked back out...over and over.  Hit markers seek off many times by 45 degrees.  Though the game is often open fields where I'm running across an open field - targeted by 3 tanks, 2 planes and 10 snipers - so it might simply be detecting someone different from the last shooter.  Perhaps consider more infantry only maps or offer an infantry only mode - Grind should be a permanent mode.  Assignments - sometimes I'll choose assignments to keep me interested in the game but the game misses some of the accomplishments.  I needed to revive 5 in a life recently - revived 7, got credit for 4.  Needed to kill 20 enemy, killed 24, got credit for less than 20.  Not near as frustrating as shot by tanks in every direction but still frustrating.  I've grown so tired of all the tanks and planes constantly in every map rotation that I need a break from Battlefield.  Not leaving it, just need to play some other games with more run & gun.  Hopefully you will create an infantry mode where the only vehicles are transport.
    June 29
  • hawaii200
    What The Hell did you incompetent developers do to this game why the fk can’t you attack the troop transport planes until they are directly on top of the objective you destroyed the game mode and all the vehicle spawn are so broken and unbalanced this game is not even fun anymore the fact about transport planes if your defending your suppose to destroy the planes before it reaches the objective and your supposed to defend stop agreeing with kids that can’t even get a kill and changing the game to their liking ¯\_(ツ)_/¯! Please just revert the game so both sides of the players can have fun!
    June 27
  • jschmidt3879
    In the new summer update, p51 high altitude package does not work. Also AA is very overpowered. Id be fine with it if the planes were significantly faster but right now its very very easy for aa to kill you. I also feel like the bf109 30mm cannon should be better than it currentlt is against planes.
    June 7

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