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Started porting Operation Locker from BF4. Finished the base BSP geometry for "D" flag today.


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  • Started porting Operation Locker from BF4. Finished the base BSP geometry for "D" flag today.



    July 9
  • Ethimu
    Go to youtube, watch c9mQe5nsv2Q and after that tell me dmg mods are not possible in bf 1.
    June 15
    • Rev0verDrive
      Go read a book on client-> sync and modern hit registration in AAA titles. Then go read source docs, then talk to real devs.
    • Ethimu
      Gosh, just watch it and deny that there are dmg mods in this game. I don't care how it SHOULD work, when I see how it works. Maybe there are hit confirmations in bf, but certainly no dmg confirmations.
    • Rev0verDrive
      I'm not watching the garbage. I fully understand how the hit registration and damage calculations work in this game as with many many other games. I work directly with top tier game engines. I write code, level design, 3d model etc. Have been doing so for the past 20 years.

      Stop letting BS videos manipulate your thought process. Learn about the mechanics and processing.
  • Weish
    Hi, thanks for responding to my post. And do pardon me for my ignorance, although I do follow the update notes in general, I might miss out on some of the finer details.

    'The fix is servers in your region. Devs have stated so about a gazillion times. Asia to US or EU is "Officially" off the table. Next update lowers the 150ms threshold to 130ms in these 2 regions. All other regions will be bumped up to 200ms. Until that is, when more server locations are opened up in said regions. After which the 200ms will then potentially be lowered.'

    Would you mind if I just clarify some of what you said? Would really help me to understand how to work around the issues.

    From what I understand, they don't want Asian players on US/EU servers. What I don't get, however, is what you mean by the threshold being lowered/increased. Is this threshold that beyond which there is a significant disadvantage (need to lead shots much more, etc)?

    Once again, excuse my ignorance.

    May 26
    • Rev0verDrive
      It's not about X,Y,Z ethnicity on X,Y,Z servers. It's about how Latency affects the game play. If all players could have a long pings on all servers there wouldn't be a problem. DICE has to look at the server performance, precision and accuracy of simulation calculations. And provide the majority base in each region with the highest possible precision and performance. Latency and jitter corrupt that precision.

      The "Threshold" determines whether or not your shots purely run on strict server-side hit registration versus client detection -> server registration.

      The patch on April 29th set the global (all regions) threshold to 100ms. A few days later it was raised to 150ms. On May 30th the new patch will release. This patch sets all USA and Europe server to 130ms and all other regions (Oceania, Middle East, Asia etc) to 200ms. The classified "other" regions do not have enough server locations to allow the majority is these regions to have a low latency. Thus the threshold there is being increased.

      After the next patch if you have play on a US or EU server and your latency is 130ms or higher, you will have to lead your shots on moving targets. This is regardless of your home region. US player on US server will abide by the same threshold as a Asian/Oceania player on a US server.

      Further down the road when DICE opens up more server locations in these "other" regions, the threshold in these regions will be reviewed again. Potentially lowering the 200ms to 150m or 130ms.

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