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  • Lwranc
    How can I become a DICE friend? Should I travel to or buy an EA event?
    Because I have the desire to become friends of DICE and organize weekly events to create a fun and challenging character between the players so that there is no boredom of playing among themselves as well as my love for the Battlefield series
    September 24
  • SsN4KED0C
    Dear Dice

    I have been hearing some rumors about cutting-editing-deleting the customization for your soldiers

    I have been a fan of the franchise a long time i am a dedicated player of dice spending lots of money sometimes i just buy out of support for the awesome work

    This news shocked me, please let US be able to change our character in the battlefield the way we wish the way we want giving by you the masters of DICE of course we ll understand players who don t wan t do this but i mean it s very easy then let them just use the pre made characters by your pro s at dice

    Even then i am sure they will customize to.

    Message to all players

    Please respect us who want to customize as we want and those who doun t want JUST don t customize then

    Dice please do not let us down after this GREAT promise and the v rocket make it even stronger :)

    Can t wait to play You are the best DICE

    BTW my english ain t so good

    Thnx guys we love you
    September 14

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