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  • mrparker4
    Gamer Tag HvyN00bCamper

    Looking for decent players as well. Would enjoy playing with a good group. Not to blow my self up here, but just to fill you in a bit.
    I generally place top 4 on any map I play . I favor CQ, but am not opposed to rush. I am premium so would love some of the other maps that have died, but any play is good . Let me know . Thanks.
    December 2017
  • CRONlC_420
    and what?? your buddy gonna remove this one too??
    December 2017
  • CRONlC_420
    Ya ok, whatever root....i don't believe in this name and shame bs. If myself or one of my close friends tells me something and then shows me things's FACT. So how the f&*k is this name a shaming someone when it's TRUE??? and it's also a well known fact about all the things mana said. How the heck can we "inform" our friends and or family who to stay away from and what's going on. This may be a rule of this place, but it doesn't make it right (morally) if you can NOT tell other's EXACTLY what's going on... Making something up and then starting trouble is 1 thing you can say is (name and shame) but when your being truthful and honest, it SURELY is NOT. I've also had the exact same experience as mana and MANY others who have told me this same story. Have a nice day.
    December 2017

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