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    brotha if it doesn't prove they are censoring us for speaking truth, all my discussions are blocked. even my ones on Reddit, the subedit I called out [DICE] employees working WITH statpadders and wintraders who also use ESPoverlay[which is what you speak of , of people knowing where you are without being possible]…. you must read my posts on reddit I did last night. I am trying to work with someone to upload all the videos/screencaps of DICE involvement, and aiding/not doing a damned thing about their friends at a certain multigaming "clan"... also, O.E is playing with new account, same old hxs. Look at leaderboard on origin, he is page 1 on multiple things last I checked lol.... DICE is censoring us about the extreme amount of cheating, I dontpay 100+ a year jfor a "live service" that I cant even play 1 hour without a hacker being there lol..... I noticed after my post, B512 went on PC US EAST for first time and saw what Iwas saying, but instead he was in the squad of the leader of AxD via discord lol.. that seems lil too close to home, eh? Our platoon is taking major heat for it..
    July 12

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