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This is me in my grav. I have no idea who the fella on my back is though.


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  • Sugarspun1
    No right to an opinion? because of
    Hours playing? / quits ratio?
    Get a life. You sad, sad individual.
    How dare you tell me I'm not entitled to an opinion. I'm being diplomatic towards you here because of the rules on this forum mate.
    I've been reading your comments for about a year and you mostly just seem to be about chipping away at players (you deem) to be not as fantastic at the game as you think you are or they don't happen to mingle amongst your screen staring clique. Firstly! Who are you? I've never heard of you, non of my playing mates have either? Yet reading your comments, I'd assumed you were some sort of BF4 legend, you're not lol Couldn't give a flying ____ about you're stats, hours, quits and k/d.
    Do something more worthwhile, life's so short.

    November 5
  • Sugarspun1
    You clearly have a problem with me?. I think
    Its because i challenge your childishly pretentious beliefs on gaming and your own capabilities after 30 years gaming LOL.
    I have the right to an opinion , i bought the game and pay my online subscription to play. Never seen you online but would love to.
    Me and you, any map you choose? 1v1 to compare my pathetic stats/hours ratio with your pro stats? Bring it the ___, on la!. Lest have yer?!
    November 4

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