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I would love to suggest maybe if you are doing skins as head, torso, and legs, might we be able to remove an unwanted scarf? Or goggles? Or headphones? I would LOVE to use SO many different heads and torsos, but the combos set as standard dont allow any kind of REAL customization. I‘m not asking to add tons of special things for each skin’s piece, just the option (like on guns) to choose what to have standard, and what accessories to add (that are included but optional when unlocked) to your helmet, top, and bottom. SO many maps I would love to rock a helmet with a cool camo cover on it, but I dont want my character also wearing a gas mask...I just want the cool helmet/hat without all the extra crap...let me choose the net on it, and what is in the netting. And PLEASE PLEASE ADD GERMAN HELMETS!! Also, when the other factions are added, having the option to dawn a cape, or a poncho without a bunch of crap on it would be cool...being able to choose a camo cover or hat in the pacific would be awesome YOUR MAIN HELMET MODEL ISNT EVEN GERMAN! ITS A HUNGARIAN M38! ADD THE M35, M40 and M42. PLEASE!


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