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  • CrocDundee28
    Hey mate, any chance of getting Aussie servers to work on firestorm? We can’t even get into Aussie servers and are struggling to get onto US servers, we are all having the same problem.. love the game mode and game! Thanks heaps if you guys can help
    April 20
  • Shimihara
    Hello, and good meeting I just had a question. Is there a chance the dice folks will combine bf3 and bf4 into one game remaster all the content and add dlc?
    April 19
  • Wimston
    Hello, good morning, I wanted to comment. Removing duos mode on battlefield 5 has been the biggest mistake you've ever made, it's a simple game mode that got hooked on many of the Battlefield gamer community.


    Eliminate the duos when we are screaming for you to leave it permanent,
    I do not know what his position is or what he thinks, but it is clear that he does not think for the community. I hope that this makes you think again, in fact, a step back and not that step that you have taken in false to eliminate or eliminate. deactivate duos mode,

     With all this I do not mean only me, the vast majority of the community, the duos are activated, please.

    With all this and without the intention of offending, I hope that for once you listen to the Battlefield Community,

    Lately you do not listen to anyone in the community and, in the long run, it will be expensive, because the community is all members.


    A greeting and thanks in advance.
    April 15
  • MonsterTigerNut
    TTK, footsteps, insta Deaths, Heath regen.

    TTK is too quick for the casual gamer.

    Heath regen should regain to 100%, this takes the ‘fun’ out of playing for attacking players and results in a much slower experience (promotes camping)

    Footsteps come & go, could be much better for a FPS (no excuses)

    Insta Deaths are still in the game (PS4)

    Sniping needs a neff- more sway maybe.

    April 4
  • FernandoFazio
    No brasil estamos com dificuldade de achar servidores SA na plataforma xbox one, teria como adicionar alguma trava ou seleção de região na busca do jogo e quando irão arrumar essa situação dos servidores SA?
    April 2
  • IronHansGruber
    you need to lengthen the TTK for a casual fire storm separate of the current one this will be a 64 player open sand box but you wont die as quickly there by letting casual gamers actually enjoy bf 5 do this for fire storm only and then create another map for battle royal
    April 1
    PLEASE add Tiger II, I love this game but that’s one thing I do badly want :(
    March 29
  • Gh0sTpm
    Hi @Braddock512 :

    I'm not sure exactly where to post this, so I guess I'll start here. In my humble opinion, one of the best things this game could do is to add an all-airplane mode similar to Star Wars Battlefront I & II. That is probably one of the best game modes that keeps THAT game going and it would push this one into the next level. It would be easy to implement and wouldn't require creating of new maps. They could be either 16 or 32 player.

    I love the flying portion, but it's like ordering a bacon burger just to eat the two slices of bacon. There isn't enough! Some people may not like airplanes as much, that's why I'd recommend the special maps just for dogfights. What do you guys think?
    March 27
  • geralde2006
    Hi @Braddock512 ! Been playing BFV since release and now that Firestorm is out it turns out there are no south american servers. We can't play with over 200 ping it's just impossible for us. Please tell me you guys are doing something about it. We've been waiting so much for Firestorm.
    March 26
  • xxShiftyxxx
    The Air physics you have changed are So bad. On Xbox people have stop flying so much. Very bad and poor decision
    March 25
  • TheHunta16
    Hopefully they’ll add D’day man 🤦🏽‍♂️
    March 17
  • IronHansGruber
    I looked up ww2 jeep with anti tank.
    You need to bring in Willys J(Censored)p These are fast fun and have a number of setups allowing players to customize to fit their play style; anti-tank, metal plates on side to protect players. you need fast cars and more of them and a tricycle, I want to see a grown man ride a toddler size tryk down the street and he's not going fast at all
    March 16
  • briangrah1
    When will this maintenance on battlefield 1 be done
    March 14
  • IllzVeLoCiTyIllz
    Hey I’ve got proposition in need of help here there’s a game that takes after Battlefield play style in there own little way game is called [World War 3] basically what I’m asking is there having trouble with player base on Steam to have issues such as fixing stabilization I know few of us gamers did enjoy the battlefield series I’m just one person asking if you guys could help Co publish this game help Farm 51 Group out I know at the end of the day my dream would come true if I could see this game [World War 3 ] come to life I know by watching twitch streams there losing player base everyday but in theory I think showing a preview of commercials for this game if u guys took on pre launching it in pre order I bet you guys could have something that sparks the console port of gaming
    March 13
  • IronHansGruber
    I think battlefield should have a cqc melee moment for multiplayer in the future game , a quick time event that will rarely trigger (5% chance) where you and an opponent have to play a Rock Paper Scissors mini game. So a button will flash and if you press it you can take the opponent that engaged you down , the same is happening on the enemies screen so if you both hit the time sensitive botton you both go on to round two and keep struggling to stay alive, while in this state if an Allie tries to take a shot at the enemy there should be a small hit box so if the hit box is missed then you accidentally Friendly fire killing the enemy but getting penalized for shooting your comrade, hit box should be like a head shot only. Just an idea
    March 11
  • cheif_big_clouds
    Will DICE ever update BF1? I bet more people play BF1 then BFV
    March 5
    I’ve Been Playing Battlefield Games on Xbox one since I can remember !! At least 10+ years, one of the most enjoyable games without fail, until now :(
    I currently live in Cambodia & recently purchased Battlefield V very disappointed to say the least ! I’ve come to find there are literally No Asian servers, my Ping is very high showing red & yellow Bars for the servers I can find like in Australia or USA/Europe but always find myself getting chucked out of Lobby’s whilst in game (sucks) or it’s unplayable due to my ping levels. Now I find out it’s not possible to even rent your own server like has been previously allowed with Battlefield Games! What am I meant to do DICE ? Please sort this out, my internets good isp is good. I’m on the XboxOne s (Great Console) was hoping this issue could be resolved by either allowing the rental of servers or opening up some DICE servers based in Asia.... It’s an amazing experience to play Battlefield, hands down BadCompany2 was the best & brought me into the world of Online Gaming :) Please resolve this problem or may someone give me some feedback as to what I could do? Thank You
    February 27

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