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  • F8L_Wessy_NLD
    Hey is there anyway to reset rank in BF3 I joined a tdm server where they ran hacks i didn't know but now im maxed and it really takes the fun away knowing that i didn't earn my rank and stats would like to have it back to what is was before i joined.

    anyway thanks

    February 16
  • ryanopuz9618
    hi I need help I was almost gonna finish the when lighting strikes assignment an I completed the win rounds part but I had 3 vehicle to destroy. But the assignment has finished on me and I didn’t quiet it an it’s not in my assignments log
    February 12
  • Duce_1922
    How can I get a proof that I was cheating in bfv. I have been emailing EA help and they did not respond. They closed my account without telling me what I exactly did. My kd was 0.51 I don't know much about computers, I would turn on the PC and then start playing.
    February 7
  • gunsniper187
    Hey ?
    January 8
    • Braddock512
      I deleted your comment with your email because you shouldn't post that publicly. You can PM me and I'll try to get to the message OR you can simply reply here.
  • WhoLikesChicken
    Possible reproduction of the Stuck in downed state bug.

    I couldn't figure out where to send this report, so o hope you can get it to the right people.

    I was stuck in a downed state after I was being revived at the same time a V1 rocket strike hit. After the rocket hit my downed body, and killed my reviver, I was unable to spawn back into the game.

    Perhaps the bug has to do with being downed, and being affected by one of the things that kills you without possibility of a revive, or your reviver being affected by over of those things.

    February 6
  • NonbankApple89
    Hi, would I be able to message you about something in game that I think should be slightly reworked? Thanks.
    February 6
  • HRecon
    I know this may sound dumb but can someone make the week longer so people can get the reward cause I love final countdown but I’m not gonna be on till the weekend or at least bring back final countdown once it’s gone
    February 5
  • Pugs13
    How can I earn a weapon I missed in tides of war???
    January 31
    Have you ever been in a match and you see players with 60 kills and 5 deaths or 30 kills and 2 deaths and just started the game the first 2 minutes. Well dice should have a stop to this. I know it's hard to figure out who's cheating but they should come out with a system that calculate your KD ratio and place you in the correct match that's equal to your skill level. Isn't that a smart way to stop cheaters because cheaters only like to play with non cheaters. After playing a couple of rounds with a room full of cheaters the fun will stop. So what do you think? Lets hear from you. Ps and contact Dice about my ideal. Lets make Battlefield fun again
    January 31
  • braydin10
    Hey how’s it going? idk where to post this for you to see it , but I wasn’t sure if this is a bug or not that you guys no about but, on the Xbox one x, their is a issue with the rain, in the war stories under no flag, where you can hear it but can’t see it hardly at all and thier are no rain drops hitting the ground. Also in the multiplayer, the rain is barely visible and you can’t tell it’s hitting surfaces when it falls. Also their aren’t any vehicle tread marks left behind at all from the tanks to the transports Ect. Kinda new to the forums but, I’d like to share that with you, maybe it’s something I could help let you guys know about. Thank you. Also love the game , keep it up
    January 26
  • Dokter617
    Hey chief,

    I'm back again with the same concerns from Battlefield 1. Yes RSP... I'm sure you have received a handful of messages similar to this. To recall I represent competitive and military simulation, communities and networks alike on both Xbox and PS4. Considering the amount of money these groups have backing them, not including pull and reach on our audiences, we just wish to get some insight on RSP. Without it our groups are forced to find satisfied bases for our gamers either in other offered titles, or on PC. Any insight on RSP, if there is such a program, would be awesome. Thanks mate all the best.
    January 15
    • Dokter617
      Almost forgot to clarify, we are asking specifically for the RSP in relation to Battlefield V.

      Thanks again chief!
  • ScottyV550
    Are you aware that some weapon assignments aren't even possible!?...I play Battlefield 5 on Xbox One, I am level 50, I have all class ranks at 20 (Assault, Medic, Support, Recon) and I have 6 ALL GOLD weapons so far. My M1907 (Assault Class) should be all gold but it's missing the muzzle and there are NO MORE M1907 assignments available. Early on (maybe 2nd or 3rd M1907 Mastery Assignment) ended up being a "duplicate" and gave me 100 company coins instead of a Gold muzzle. SO YAH THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP. And also im working on Gold Model 8, and Gold Slebstlader 1907. I am on THE LAST Mastery Assignment for both weapons...and the assignment for each weapon is the same... "in one life kill 10 enemies with headshots in objective areas" / "in one round kill 20 enemies with headshots in objective areas" THESE ASSIGNMENTS ARE LITERALLY NOT POSSIBLE AND NEED TO BE FIXED ASAP. Now mind you I have put the time in and I have put the work in, im not some whiney 10 year old kid. JUST FIX IT.
    January 15
  • alperkocak006
    Many of the players in the game use hacking please find a solution to this problem please
    January 2
  • theonebestpro
    I keep getting error code 1 when tryimg to join my favorite server. Hardcore 24/7 Amiens and Ballroom Blitz. This has been going on for 3 days and im starting to go into withdrawl. What is this error code? Can you help me ?
    December 2018
    • ExclusiveSprx
      Try and goto network and test connection maybe a work around

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