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  • robmcewen
    I just made a tread about a helpful troll but the forum anti spam filter just trolled me when I edited out a error, I know what your thinking "Rob typing a error surely not" but it happens. Please can you do me a solid and tell the anti spam filter to stop being a troll and approve my post. Don't worry no naming and shaming, just a tale of a player so bad he can't even troll right.
    August 12
  • Satxkiller
    Regarding your apparent rhetorical question. Why would a company sabotage a product still making money.

    News link deleted (Not around long enough) APPLE slowing down their phones (Google it)

    It has always been a tactic of companies to make more money even if means sabotaging their own products. Electronics in general for example, a much better more efficient version is already being utilized but companies slowly introduce mediocre products to gain the financial advantage of selling you "level 4" stuff even though "level 9" stuff is operational and viable. But their is no financial gain to skip selling you level 5, 6, 7, 8. So lets not pretend it is not a tactic employed by companies. Your position in EA/Origin as a "Moderator" on this forum gives you no real information about the company. So while you may be defending them, realize you are just a peon and truly know nothing about what the company is doing.

    Love and Kisses Zaphod
    July 29
    • LOLGotYerTags
      Software is not the same as hardware.

      As hardware has more resources, Software is developed which uses those resources better.

      Similarly, Software developed further to make use of updated hardware will naturally cripple older hardware because the older hardware cannot keep up with the demand the software is making on the hardware.

      This is why Apple's OS was slowing down older phones, The older hardware isn't able to keep up with the demand of the software vs the new hardware being faster and able to multitask more fluently.

      Logic 101.

      Older tech isn't going to be equal to newer tech.
      You are both right. BUT. the older phones shouldn't be subject to the new software.. companies know that their new upgraded software will slow down older phones, that's why they only make one software upgrade. I have a Motorola Nexus 6. What a great phone. I'm having trouble upgrading my phone to a new phone.. only because my screen resolution is 3K 2900 by 1440.. 498ppi. And these phone speakers are loud.. if I got a new phone it's like a downgrade.. I will never get a 1080 resolution phone ever again. I will only get a 4K phone now... My Motorola Nexus 6 It's not the fastest phone but it's fast enough... My Motorola Nexus 6 will be 4 years old by Christmas.. for my Motorola Nexus 6 I had an HTC M8.. what an amazing phone.. so on December 24th..2015 .. my HTC M8 show me a message there's just an upgrade is ready so I went to upgrade my HTC M8 upgrade brick my phone.. I felt I was completely ripped off by HTC or Google. I paid over 800 bucks for that HTC M8.... That's right they bricked my phone one day before Christmas.. how's that for a Merry Christmas... Never buy an HTC phone ever again.. don't trust Google.. I had everything on my HTC M8... A computer expert would have been amazed at what I had on my HTC M8...WOW
  • Deyterkerjerbs
    Hey so I was working on my thread in the platoons forum (Doing a few edits and checking formatting), and my thread just randomly disappeared? Do you know why this would happen?
    August 4
    • LOLGotYerTags
      Askimet anti spam filter.

      If it detects "too many edits" it holds the post in spam queue to be approved.

      I'll go ahead and approve that for you
  • LOLGotYerTags changed their profile picture.
    July 30
  • Hypnotic5493
    I redeemed my beta code for ps4 but it's not in my library either
    July 22
    • LOLGotYerTags
      No idea then man sorry, I think @Sawtooth75 might be able to assist you there as he plays PS4
  • Sechnaill
    If you need cheating evidence just go to youtube, and all the websites selling cheat system.
    Oh, and I see almost daily messages while playing bf1 that more players have been permanently banned = evidence
    July 21
    • LOLGotYerTags
      I'm not referring to youtube video of other cheaters.

      When I say to report the user with evidence, Evidence would correspond to video that YOU have recorded, Screenshots etc, And then uploading them where applicable ( youtube/imgur etc )

      Then when you make the report, Link the evidence you have captured to add some weight to it.
  • The_Tubador
    Hey tags. Just tried to edit my post in the BF1 PS4 recruitment.. told me “pending approval”. Not sure what that means, but if it’s in violation of TOS somehow, remove it and I’ll make a new post. It was essentially the same one that’s been up for over a year, but I might have “edited” and saved it too fast. Thanks! Tubador
    July 21
    • LOLGotYerTags
      yeah it went to spam.

      It's been approved now :)
  • theConimex

    Could send me a randomly alpha key? I've played BF1942, BFV, BF2, BF4 and BF1

    And pre ordered BFV

    Best regards,

    July 2
    • LOLGotYerTags
      I can't send out any keys, I don't have that kind of influence :(
  • KannibalKraut
    Hi. I saw you closed that thread I started about the BFV recruiting board. I was wondering if it is against the rules to post the Discord link. Say, In my sig.
    June 19
    • LOLGotYerTags
      It's fine in your sig, It's just that doing so in a thread could be considered advertising, That's all
    • KannibalKraut
      Ok, thx for the info
  • LOLGotYerTags changed their profile picture.
    June 16

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