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  • GenCuster
  • StackedLasagna
    So hacking in game is permitted?
    October 12
    • LOLGotYerTags
      Nope, Report them as outlined here :

      The forum is not the appropriate place to discuss cheating.
  • AndyPow1
    Absolute snowflake and power mad.
    September 1
    • LOLGotYerTags
      If you cannot follow very simple rules, Its not my problem.

      Follow the rules and maybe things won't happen.

      I know, Such an awesome concept isn't it?
    • WorldconTROLL
      Hey pal , you recently locked a post I made for asking to see where I can’t use specific terms , you then lied and claimed I kept using inappropriate comments even though it clearly shows I didn’t , could you like ....not lie because your feelings got hurt , wouldn’t want to have to complain and expose your abuse of power to your employers
    • LOLGotYerTags
      You used a term that is inappropriate for a public gaming forum.

      Oh and FYI, I don't lie, the changes made to your title are logged, EA staff can see any changes made.

      Also also, The term you used in your title, you used again as a response to me giving you a heads up, That got your thread locked.

      Let me be clear, I dont set the rules here, I merely enforce them.

      If you cannot accept that certain terms or words are inappropriate for a gaming forum, You are quite within your right to not post and simply read threads.

      Abide by the rules and all's good.
    • IlIlIlxiixIlIlIl
      Yo, sorry for leaving a comment. I dont know how to pm u or anything on this website. I was just banned like 15 minutes ago from Hardcore 200% Operation Locker. I asked what the rules were and followed them but I got banned for getting around 40 kills and 10 deaths on one team then i left and came back so i could join the other team and helped them because they were losing pretty bad.I ended up dropping 30 more kills while messing around with the famas and magnum with a lot more deaths on that team but people were stil saying i was sus. Im pretty sure no one spectated me and just banned me after i switched teams. Btw Players were saying they thought i was hacking, not admins with LEB. Ultimately if I can join yalls clan and "tryout" yall could spectate me and see im legit.Oh and my in game is Renjiiii with alot of i's.
    • IlIlIlxiixIlIlIl
      Ill try and check back here tomorrow, thanks in advance.
    • LOLGotYerTags
      I'm not affiliated with platoons buddy, Its the admins or platoon leaders you need to contact about this as there's nothing I can do to assist

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