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  • spitfire27028
    thank you for the info. what are your settings for ps4 bf1? i love the game however, i cannot find the right settings to b competitive. i notice some players with 30 kills in a game to my 3-5 if im lucky. the aim assist on or off doesnt seem to make much of a differance to me. i just want to know how these guys are getting so many kills and i cant even get close to ten kills in a game please help. spitfire27028 thanks
    July 5
    • b2tchwood
      Hi Spitfire, its all about what settings are right for you - I play at maxed sensitivity but that might not be right for you. I would say that you should play with a higher non ADS sensitivity and a lower ADS sensitivity though. Check out "The Broken Machine" on youtube, even though I'm not a massive fan of his style of play (bit reserved for me) he posts some great videos on aiming tips and he manages some very impressive scores. My advice though is make sure your aiming acceleration is set to 0 and that you reduce your stick dead zones - mine are at 8 I think. Then you can tweak your individual sight magnification sensitivities so that they are consistent. If you aren't sure what I'm talking about then let me know. But again these might not be ideal for you and you may want a much reduced sensitivity, it's important that you go into your settings and have a play around with them. It's not a quick fix and takes time to get them right but its worth it in the end. As for getting kills, its all about playing the game and understanding where the enemy is and the flow of the game, playing with friends is by far the best way to do this as comms are the a huge advantage.

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