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  • deafdrock
    hey man saw your post about team players on BFV playstation. I have a few friends that are rarely on, i dont get to play as much as i want, family now, but years of bf gaming and cod. i enjoy the team work side of bf so thats all i play now. im looking for guys to roll with for solid squad play. i dont have impressive kd but im always top 10 on scoreboard top 5 easy when with squad who knows how to help and watch your back. Im also type that cares very liitle about my stats. im in to win and no problem running wingman tank repair gunner all game and that type stuff. Main issue i have is i just lost my hearing so no mic being used. but if you or others in you group want to add me my username ps is drockaustin . hit me up and tell any your brothers to as well i miss a solid group running over a run and gun team. feel free to message me or ask anything. hope to hear from you! peaceout and hope to see you brother.

    psn drockaustin
    January 13
  • funkynutz69
    Add me @ funkynutz69. Looking for some squad play. Tired of random people.
    December 2018
  • Giig
    Hey I would love to play BFV with you guys.. my PSN is Q8SF
    December 2018
  • andrewhunt997
    Interested in playing. PSN is: a_hunt97
    December 2018
  • KungfooChickenn
    I'm interested in joining USMC my PSN is KungfooChickenn
    December 2018
  • beerfree2012
    beerfree2012 new member
    December 2018
  • beerfree2012
    Hey man I wanna join y'all .I live team work and leave no man behind...Beerfree2012 #ps4
    December 2018
  • xTavoox
    I’m interested in joining USMC my GT is xX-Set2kill-Xx I mainly play field medic
    December 2018
  • Ruthless1837
    hey man,
    your platoon sounds good to go. I am all in on the squads working as 1.
    December 2018
    • chrisdj1994
      Sure thing is ruthless1837 your psn?
  • jcarn83
    Hey man, I'm hoping to connect and play with some good leaders on the USMC platoon. Can I have your PSN. Mine is AARN83 if you want to add me.
    December 2018
    • chrisdj1994
      Sure thing we will get in contact with you asap my man

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