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    Thanks for you time Ill let you know if a hardline works once i get up in my attic lol I played last night for about 4 to 5 games without crashing then after the 5th it  took a crap ,but had to load the game at least 4 to 5 times before it stopped crashing ,I think I might just go out and buy a hard copy and try and install that they are a lot cheaper now plus my son has a regular xbox and his never crashes and we are both in the same house and can play other games as well without the crashing issue so Im at a loss ,and again thanks for your time
    June 6
  • DEMENTED0517
    Hi Clouseau heres some of what you asked for download speed 84.76/upload speed 6.26 /packet loss 0%  / mtu 1480/latency 66 ms/ wireless strength 100% I did change my settings to north america cause im in pennsylvania I still have to run a wire up in my attic to my xbox thats next, nat is open .tried playing and it was getting better but it still crashed a couple of times but it seems a little better ,Thank you for your time ,if I just bought a hard disk and installed that do you think maybe that would make a difference? maybey I got a bad down load?
    June 5

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