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Are you referring to the FragShack server? We aren't a clan but just handful of guys having fun. But thanks for asking.


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  • Your FPS is going to suffer with those specs.  The ban from BF4 will not carry over to BF1. 
    in bf1 fps Comment by -Antares65z July 15
  • I would have gladly paid $25 for 6 - 8 more maps and some updates to fix some issues. I might have also chucked in another $10 if they had turned the Custom servers back on in the browser with default filters and updated Fairfight.
  • Are you using Quick Match? if so, that's the problem. If you're using QM, it's taking awhile to load the game because its searching for an active match. It fails which is common and dumps you on an empty server. Use the server browser. first reset t…
  • Reset your filters.
  • I noticed that too when I tried finding a few servers by name. Wouldn't surprise me if this was intentional by EA to speed up killing this game off. You can't find Custom servers now unless they're on your favorites or someone on your friend's list …
  • RossP317 said: Have said it before but the cynic in me thinks it's a deliberate ploy to get us bored and over to playing BV5. I've been saying this too for a long time. One of the best ways to kill off a game is to remove variety. And E…
  • Biff89Mcl said: When do they change it about though mate, do you know? I’ve been playing the same selection since last Wednesday getting bored of the game all over again because of it You actually found your way to these forums. You can…
  • full951 said: one4themoney2 wrote: » I’d say 75% use m/k.. That's isn't true. Wish it was. How do you know it's not true?  You think console players are purists and are above doing whatever is possible to gain a competi…
  • Thank you for reporting back on what you did to fix the issue. Other people experiencing the same issue could find your thread very useful. 
  • So if you're a pot smoker, then you don't know how to act like an adult?  
  • Glad to see there is still passion and interest about this game. When a developer announces that they are no longer supporting a game, it means exactly that. No changes, fixes or anti-cheat support. No nothing other than keeping the servers on so y…
  • Imabaka70 said: I’m a sniper but I don’t stay in one spot lol that’s a great way to get shot in the face. Besides I’m usually sniping from a flag then move to the next flag least in bf1. Can’t speak muchbon bfV anymore I quit playing it …
  • If you want to see how successful private servers are going to be in BF5, all you have to do is look at the BF1 server browser and that will say it all. 80% of the players are on the Dice Weekly rotation servers. They're mostly QM noobs who don't gi…
  • Rented/private servers are not going to save this game. There is far more wrong with it than just missing rented server. The lack of feeling like an authentic WW2 experience and cheaters is just the tip of the iceberg. I don't play BF5 very much not…
  • Even after 2 1/2 years, I can still sit and play this game for hours and hours.  But BF5, 2-3 rounds and I'm ready to turn it off. 
  • CNOnemanarmy said:  I don't understand why u western people blaming we Chinese. Of course there are hackers in games but not all chinese that's **** racist bois.  Check it out bro. If your government didn't have the Great Firewall in pla…
  • SirBobdk wrote: » It is a general problem that servers quickly become empty and not filled up. It often happens that a full server starts up on the next map with half as many players and without balance making even more leave the server. I mainly…
  • Phasedin wrote: » It's def solid, which is the main reason I wanted it to run well. Just want to enjoy it! I just can't go back to console for shooters anymore. I'm too fond of m&k now. Good chance you'll have native M/K support on th…
  • What are their scores like? If they're posting great scores at low rank, probably a lot of vets smurfing their new cheat accounts. Lol. 
  • I think most of the issues on your end. Not with the game. Looks fine to me, servers save on my Favorites. Specs on your rig and game settings?

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