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  • Unlike previous titles, this time the AAs are stationary and the gunner is exposed to damage. In BF4 and BF3, good pilots **** all ground vehicles for sure, and only way I can counter as ground vehicles is tow and tv. Which is highly risky. This tim…
  • People need to recognize that Scouts are **** annoying. FIRST, just like in any previous BF games, over 90% of the Scouts DO NOT PTFO. Especially on Operations. This is what bothers me the most. Snipers with unbalanced rifles getting easy kills whil…
  • If DICE needs to buff LMGs, removed the mortar from support class.
  • Why don't you guys understand that LMGs are meant for SUPPRESSION? Using it without a bipod is already wrong... Now all DICE need is buff the bipod mode, not the run-and-gun LMG, like it was in BF4. Also the suppression effect needs to be removed wh…
  • When DICE removed the engineer class, they **** it up. Assault now with 2 slots of Super EFFECTIVE AT gadgets, is just bs. In BF4 most engineers would bring a repair tool and the mines are more visible. Right now in BF1, with the nerf to tank mobili…

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