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  • I'm getting this rarely, maybe once every other time I play. But when I do get it, it seems to happen multiple times in short succession, then not again until the next time I play. Though I will say that there is a new issue of low frame rates af…
  • I wish you guys posted and interacted with your user base on your official forums more than Reddit. I suppose your warning about EA cutting resources to BFV was a foreshadowing of this, and I'm sure a lot more after their disaster earnings.
  • Completely out of touch to the Nth degree. Your stock price will continue to tank with ever iteration of garbage you continue to produce.
  • KingsportCowboy wrote: » Killing is not the only way to contribute to a team... Of course, it's the most important way to contribute and the points should be allotted as such. They aren't and haven't been since before BF4 was released.
  • oXGeminiXo wrote: » VincentNZ wrote: » Because it is a team game that is centered around an objective based modes, not killing enemies. Killing enemies has only little influence on the round itself. Reviving and taking flags have. Usually this…
  • TEKNOCODE wrote: » Bf4 was a garbage pile 🗑 That said, I often claim the top spot with the most kills on the team (or close to it). 🤷🏻‍♀️ Yes, every game from BF4 and onward has been trash compared to the prior titles.
  • A feature that has been requested for years and should have been added long ago. Don't hold your breath.
    in Squads Comment by 0SiGHT0 February 1
  • 8v8 is a good size but Squad Conquest is conceptually awful. The flags are so poorly designed and made as if you are playing on domination. BF flags are all about strategically fortifying flags, not just running up to the tiny capture radius and fin…
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall the game. I used to get this and when I reinstalled it I wasn't getting it anymore. It's possible the hardware is to blame for this.
  • Delta245 wrote: » What bothers me the most is the hit registration, it’s taking entire magazine to kill one guy only to have his buddy pop up behind him to spray me with what appears to be one shot bundled. One other thing I noticed is players tha…
    in Netcode Comment by 0SiGHT0 February 1
  • They said they are making changes to the netcode in the next patch coming in February.
    in Netcode Comment by 0SiGHT0 February 1
  • ProAssassin2003 wrote: » I've had multiple occasions that I haven't been able to Ads even laying down on flat surface. Bi pods are still broken. Correct, their so called fix did very little to change this obvious issue.
  • GeneralXIV wrote: » Personally, I like the animations. I really like games with interesting animations and Battlefield V has some fun ones. I love some of the melee attack animations and the vaulting one also Some of them are completely po…
  • Cpt_Blitz_26 wrote: » 0SiGHT0 wrote: » mikebostonmike wrote: » I bounce up and down like I'm having a seizure because of tiny little rocks all the time. The bad part is it only seems to happen when I'm in a gunfight and it almost always en…
  • mikebostonmike wrote: » I bounce up and down like I'm having a seizure because of tiny little rocks all the time. The bad part is it only seems to happen when I'm in a gunfight and it almost always ends in me dying because I can't aim while my cha…
  • GeriatricKiwi wrote: » 0SiGHT0 wrote: » GeriatricKiwi wrote: » Holyshogun wrote: » SOULJ4R wrote: » I think this game would be instantly 100% better without any animations at all too. Totally destroys the game play in so many wa…
  • Terrible design, if you like to pad your stats and get a lot of kills quickly I suppose you can enjoy it. Provides very little replay value or strategy like proper Conquest does. You can get the same experience except with actual good gameplay on ga…
  • What a surprise, super tight alleyway-esque gameplay is horrible, aka basically every map in Battlefield 1. The planes just add insult to injury as they provide literally nothing to the gameplay. A true gem
  • They need to make ACTUAL CONQUEST SMALL, for 12v12 max player counts. NOT this garbage with minuscule flag sizes and a domination copycat
  • YourLocalPlumber wrote: » Dice, are you going to add a microtransaction that would put me into decently stacked team? That seems like a plan of your because currently its doing completely opposite. I'm totally sick of being out into the most tras…

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