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  • Basically it shows the lack of proper anticheat that we, as players needs to produce evidence against obvious cheaters, hereby I mean a player flying around and similar stuff. Its DICE/EA's job - not ours.
  • I think DICE moved away from BF-series when they decided to make all the changes in the game like they did on BF1 and even more in BFV. "golden" guns ? ffs thats a COD wannabe thing and never been a BF-related thing. Subjectively I think …
  • I really hope you took my post for what it was, a joke ;) Canadians were alongside the US forces in the Devils brigade who actually undertook many difficult attacks and laid ground for the special forces like NAVY seals and canadas own Canadian Spe…
  • (Quote) @XTS-KingBeef Well it was somewhat more expensive from the beginning ;) All BF - games have had their starter-issues, I remember those huge patches (2 GB) from back in BF2 sitting with a slow running modem and I guess those days are over …
  • Can't stress this enough, Play on private, admined servers, Never on official ones. Many if not most runs plugins to streaming anticheat and keep loads of cheaters away from private servers.
  • You should go to the test field and try out the different equipment for said gun. You can also use Symptic to view how the different guns react with different equipment attached. https://symthic.com/bf4-accuracy-plots
  • LMAO, that was just great !
  • No, in both scenarios you get the kill and not your buddy, he wont get any asist either. You tried on the big maps zapping kamikaze jeeps yet ? :D thats hilariously insanely fun to Zapp those guys . Same goes for players deploying mines or claymores.
  • (Quote) I tend to agree with you on this one. I did not buy BFV after playing beta. I played the full released game at a friends and didnt like it. So be it for this title. That doesnt mean Im not buying the next one if it suits my preference towa…
  • (Quote) Seeing the post about the word "WOOP" (where you also participate) makes me think its you who completely lost/missed the point ;) Why implement something thats not wanted by the majority of players ? doesnt work properly ? ..... …
  • (Quote) I just turned 50 ;) And I still love to play BF4, not as much as before simply because I havent got the time but putting an age to being a gamer .... As opposed to you, I can remember the ZX81 computer, the age of Commodore .. I could go o…
  • I think we all got this from time to time, its a bug they never bothered to fix (amongst many).
  • (Quote) First off, I only played this game on a friends PC, I have not bought it and won't ever because I dont like the era, I dont like the game setup and I dont like the missing server rental stuff talked about elsewhere. How ever you turn it, …
  • (Quote) Thats funny you should post that :) https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield_4/comments/9q8r73/found_my_first_hacker_a_few_days_after_a_ps3/?ref=readnext
  • Well I decided not to buy it, I have been following the threads here while listening to the guys in platoon/clan and no one is interested in this one at all. Like with BF1 it will be a few of the members buying the game on their own because we dont …
  • The alternative which DICE wasnt able to make would be googles like IRL and was in BF2, which was balanced because they only worked for a certain amount of time. I like it on some maps and also equipped on my knife with bipod too ;)
    in FLIR Comment by 0ld_yell0w October 2018
  • comparing a BF game and Fallout is like comparing apples and oranges. Earlier FO games is history driven rpg with a touch of fps and BF is an arcade shooter. I do prefer my fallout as SP but lets see where it takes us, the gfx looks stunning. At lea…
  • I use it on my knife combined with bipod and silencer. works like a charm
  • I dont agree. A good squad on golmud can easily take down tanks, add a good commander to that and you got the ammo you need.
  • FFS, an endless rant about a profanity filter no one asked for. In BF4 you could press H, end of story the chat goes away and you small lot that get sour eyes of swear words could live happily ever after ....

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