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  • (Quote) East US servers are horibble right now after the May patch. I'm using the Planes most times now, and yesterday I got uncontrollable random speeds no hit msrks, then kicked and I have an average of 55-70 latency most times. After the May …
  • (Quote) Guys after the update, I can't even stay on a server for more than 5 minutes or it lags really bad for like 15 seconds and then it works normally, other multiplayer games work just fine. My average latency is 55-75 when my bandwidth is go…
  • The problem for me right now is that the server crashes, goes on a black screen menu and then kicks me off the server with "server disconnected you have lost connection to the session" message. My average latency is 55-75 most times. I'v…
  • (Quote) Well it works fine for me and most times I end up top 5 so IDK. Also, how's your average latency in the server. Maybe try changing DNS and check which ones are the best for you. IMO, the game is tuned for now and the hit detection is al…
  • (Quote) Just try to reboot your system and then, clear reserved data again for BF1 and start the game. If the problem keeps happening, then you deleted the wrong file or IDK, because mine worked right away. Keep me updated.
  • (Quote) Give it a try and let me know ASAP.
  • (Quote) Nah dude, it wil rarely corrupt any data on your game and clearing the reserved data memory on BF1, actually fixes most of the bugs created after the May update and even the black screen problem when joining a server. Just to let u guys k…
  • I'm having problems with hig latency issues after the Winter Patch. Are you guys too??
  • (Quote) Yes, sadly, the "black screen with static" it's a common issue that has plagued BF1 on Xbox since day 1 and it needs to be fixed and other video issues, if they hope from me and Xbox fans, to buy the Premium Pass scam.
  • I still can't connect from Xbox live, I play on the US East servers. Is it fixed now??
  • Yes, I'm having connection problems and can't connect to EA servers on Xbox live, any news if it's been fixed??

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