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  • It'll equip you with all afflictions
  • The title is rightly named, "Apocalypse." It's the end of days for BF1. I'm so sad to see it go out this way. I mean, talk about a huge letdown. A mode nobody asked for, and that the seemingly majority of players hate. 3 maps (i'm not eve…
  • If they ever get around to fixing the dlc, I'll only play the minimum of the new maps to experience them, then go back to operations. Aint nobody got time for conquest BS. It's a shame though, the maps look beautiful.
  • Ok so does anyone have a fix for this issue? Has Playstation or Dice acknowledged this? The new DLC is dropping (for premium users) tomorrow, and I don't want to go into that epic DLC with this godawful static crackling garbage. On a positive note, …
  • BF1 is my first Battlefield game. I have enjoyed it very much and still play it to this day. I started back around the end of November/beginning of December. I've been eagerly following news for it ever since. I honestly thought the expansion would …
  • I love customization in games. As long as its accurate to the era and not something ridiculous like rainbow magazines or something, then great. Side note to customization: For the the love of F, please fix the lightning in customize soldier menu. I …
  • This would be awesome. I really hope they have weather-appropriate uniforms for the classes.
  • Yep. This has happened to both myself & my squad. It's not consistent though. Last night the join feature worked, but earlier in the week we could only join via R2 menu
  • Operations is my favorite. I've been unable to get into very many of them (lot of threads on this as to the problem why). I guess I just like the fact that it's more organized attack & defend, along with different sectors to battle over to keep …
  • Yes, ever since the update I've been getting ping & packet loss icon flashes, along with some lag spikes. My internet has been fine, & all other online games have been fine. My ping in-game shows anywhere from 25-45. This never happened at a…
  • It's been very repetitive for me. I was interested in the feature when it was mentioned, but now I'm not so sure. If I keep getting placed into Fort de Vaux, Giant's Shadow, or Sinai, I'm gonna cry-barf
  • I can't say I have the answers either, but lately I've been getting some terribad games. I think it was this morning actually, I had joined into a Marne game to see us getting steam rolled. I looked at the score screen to see us with half the number…
  • It's incredibly annoying, I'll agree. I seldom get a full game, or I'll get a game that is about to end. The same thing happens when trying to join with my squad as well. It drives me absolutely insane

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