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  • The game ran SO smooth for me, also seemingly had few bugs before the Firestorm patch. It's been down hill ever since then and my anger is at an all time high. That patch broke the game along with every patch after ALWAYS something else breaks too. …
  • I'm loving it, each area feels like it has it's own little atmosphere with different approaches (if that makes sense). Only thing is with Breakthrough on I think the first objective (or is it the 2nd?) I wish you could build fortifications as a defe…
    in Marita Comment by AssassinoX1 July 31
  • I would say 7 but really, it's not boredom. It's just constant aggravation and frustration with the stability of the servers. When the game works as it USED to it's a lot of fun otherwise.
  • All games have campers, you just have to deal with them accordingly. Flank, be cautious, learn the common spots and always check them, use the crouch to soften your footsteps and don't run into the same area doing the same thing over and over expect…
  • If we want to talk about pistols and the word "weak" in the same sentence, let's mention that single shot one (forgot the name). Seriously, what's the point? Reload is long, damage is low, only 1 bullet... Am I missing something? Never seen it used …
    in Pistol Comment by AssassinoX1 July 13
  • I'm thinking it's a bug and I noticed it too. They lowered the damage on a direct hit on infantry from 100 to 98 (WHY!? - no one asked for that!) and now it seems it lowered it's effectiveness across the entire board. Did honestly anyone have a prob…
  • Thanks, I was wondering what it was when I found it too. I knew it was new as I never saw it in those spots before. There were no lights though so looks like someone already got it.
  • Glad it's not just me. I just don't understand how the hell bugs like this happen to things that were probably not even touched with the rest of the updates?? 
  • Yup, was playing squad conquest last night and there were always a couple of players with 200+ ping (both sides) plus others with 100+ and it was what you would expect. You would think with such few players the servers could handle it but things wer…
  • My only gripe with this update is this - why? If I manage to actually hit a player with the grenade, shouldn't I earn that kill? Unless I'm misunderstanding this, they will survive with 2 health left? "AT Grenade Pistol * The damage on impact agai…
  • I love them, but boy will you rage when the ping issues are acting up and you try to hit anyone! Direct hits don't even register. That looked pretty satisfying. :-)
  • bunningsSnagz said: I'd rather they delay it than release some buggy mess that's gona crash the game. Agreed.
  • Is this another one of those "I got killed by something/it was blashemy, I never die" threads?
  • The game was finally good for a few weeks, I play today and now it's absolute garbage again. We seriously need a ping cap, this is unfair to the rest of us and I've lost all patience.
  • I honestly don't see a reason to ever use it over the other guns already available. It just feels generally inferior in every aspect.
  • All the other ToW I made it to the end with weeks to spare. I skipped all the firestorm ones this time around but completed about everything else (really wasn't that much xp loss) and I'm still like 4-5 levels behind. They lowered the rewards for ch…
  • I honestly loved it, can't wait to see how you utilize more maps for it. This and the last game mode have been interesting since they force you to adapt to a different type of fight which of course some don't like to do. But for others it's quite re…
  • Dice created a single playlist for it, this weeks ToW can all be achieved easily in it. It's also the first new map in how long? Of course everyone wants to play the hell out of it.
  • Ever since the firestorm release patch. Game was near flawless for me all the time, it's just been unplayable ever since. A patch or two ago they said they improved things which it did a bit, but it's still a mess. People playing with 150-250 ping a…
  • Bad netcode and server ping issues are it's greatest enemy.

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