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  • i see srry but i dont know what that word means didnt thought it ment anything...
  • really they put stars for writing *removed by a moderator*
  • i did finally find a good server that didnt use auto ban/kick.. been playing 1-2 weeks everyday.. all of a sudden i played very good on a gun-master and **** i got kicked. i only got 3rd place too... i think bf3 can go burn! I CANT PLAY THIS GAME AN…
  • i does say in the window where they tell how much it costs: you own this. just as the normal bf3. i checked thrue origin and i didnt have it so now i bought it instead =)
  • already has premium but not installed?
  • @Hessuniemii yeah ive noticed and i dont understand how.. is there some way i can remove it? cause thats not right... =(
  • im getting kicked and banned on 70% of the servers i join.. i dont understand how or why, but according to stats i seem to have very high K/H ratio than average. i have to say i dont even know what K/H means.. and cheating would probly be the last t…
  • @Hessuniemii how did u find that..? does it say i did 18 headshots in less than 7 seconds?? or even 100 kills on that time? i dont understand that one really but thats not my skills according to kills at first.. most ive made probly 35 kills during …
  • i dont se the problem with cheaters... i see the problem that about 2/3 of the servers i join kick me for cheating... which i dont understand why. i dont cheat in any game! so i wonder why i am getting kicked/banned from so many servers for cheating…

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