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  • Dice has a really shoddy background with gun emplacements. Heck Neebs gaming even made a BF friends about this a few years ago. Bad gun emplacements are about as legacy as bullet proof bushes for DICE.
  • If you like Titanfall you will like it. I wish there was more of the wall running aspect to it like Titanfall, but other than that its solid.
    in Apex legendz Comment by Bheid February 7
  • It's not bad. Could pull my attention away from BF V for a bit.
    in Apex legendz Comment by Bheid February 6
  • Loki_Deezie wrote: » Honestly, I hate this gamemode. Have since the release of the game. Tried it a few time in the first few months and never played it again. Now doing the TOW I am playing it again and it just reassured me I will never lik…
    in Breakthrough Comment by Bheid February 2
  • I've always been a fan of the dip and spin. It adds a bit o flair to the tried and true bag. You get bonus rekt points for hate mail received.
  • I hate killcams. I don't care about who killed me from where. The most we should get is a name and what was used. That's it
  • This is a BF legacy issue. In almost all titles there have been bullet proof bushes. Heck there are a few in BF1 and BF v you can deploy bipods on
  • I intentionally crash just to irritate the person trying to kill me. I could care less about my K/D ratio so I'll hit the ground everytime. Every so often I get hate mail for it and I savor all the salty tears from the sender. And being on th…
  • I'm down to 575 coins and have some guns and a plane I'd like to level up.
  • Lol, oops my bad. I hate the forums on mobile.
  • I'm down to the final challenge to win a GO and it stopped for me. Won 2 matches and still not completed
  • VindictiVagabond wrote: » Bheid wrote: » Seeing the spotlights as a non recon breaks immersion for me Right, and reviving people that were headshotted by a tank shell, germans using allies' weapons, allies using german weapons, spawni…
  • Remove it completely. As someone who plays both as a recon and as the other classes it needs to go. Seeing the spotlights as a non recon breaks immersion for me, as a recon you should be able to be stealthy and hidden. Add a muzzle flash for t…
  • Chubzdoomer wrote: » Goofy-The-Sc0t wrote: » I'm part of the problem, can't remember the last time i played medic and currently have zero desire to do so. DICE effectively made medic class obsolete in BFV anyway since everyone can revive th…
  • 1200 hours in BF1 and have logged almost 80 hours in BF V. I'm having fun with it but much like BF 4 it needs alot of work post launch. Hopefully DICE gets their game together and EA pulls their heads out of DICE's backside and let the Dev dev…
  • xx_Dante2k_xx wrote: » BenBit13 wrote: » The tommy gun and the mp40 are both way better than the sten. You should look at the upgraded stats of the guns since the sten is already fully upgraded. What makes the MP40 better than the Sten …
  • Mrcleanjeans wrote: » It’s buggy. It’s not reset. Chances are by now you see it working. Changing servers has done the trick for me. I've changed servers. Reset the console. Its messed up for sure.
  • TehDukeOfNukem wrote: » Do you mean on the 250kg? Yeah, it's pretty annoying how you can't actually take out ground vehicles with them, just get track disables or finish off wounded ones. I run all the bomb specs on the B1 and cycle the reloads…

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