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  • Yes, there are too many game modes. This divides the playerbase and affects the map design as maps need to fit into all game modes, which is an impossible task. Also map design suffers too much from the obsession with "close combat". On th…
  • I don't think so. Why would you?  For "close combat" maps which have nothing to do with Battlefield experience? The same old early beta experience with every patch introducing new bugs without fixing old ones? FPS performance as far I know…
  • (Quote) 
Right...just a word of warning. I have seen a lot of reports of issues with VPN and virtualisation software such as VMware/Virtual Box after installation of Windows 10, version 1903. Microsoft QA seems to be almost as bad as DICE's.
  • :D GJ DICE
    in Patch 4.2 Comment by BlindChance July 25
  • Depends why you left. AFAIK the game still has stability ("random"crashes on Dx11 and DX12) and performance issues (stutter, FPS drops etc). Not sure about bugs, they inherited so many bugs from previos BF games, that I don't even notice m…
I bought ever title with the exception of BF 2142 and Hardline (AKA
"Yo, I'm from the 'hood" demographic sales pitch). BF games
were always buggy and poorly balanced at launch, but the new "game
as a s…
    in bf5 poll Comment by BlindChance June 22
  • (Quote) 
 Sorry to break this to you buddy, but you made a mistake by getting a 4k monitor. 1440p resolution is the max I would go and even then you need a better GPU for that resultion. I for one feel more than happy to stick to 1080p for b…
  • The numbers are poor. I persoanlly haven't touched the game for 3 weeks now and I used to play BF games close to daily. I would play whatever was the newest title until the next one arrived. Since BF3/4, this has changed. I grown frustrated with BF …
  • Modern BF games have highly detailed visuals and cater to casual audiance, hence the visibility suffers. This is not Counter Strike. I personally don't mind the fact camo and using cover, shadows makes you hard to spot, even if this is often annoyin…
I have played every PC version of Battlefield since Battlefield 1942
with the exception of Battlefield 2142. I wrote long feedback posts
and rants about the new gen BF direction since BF3, yet I continued
playing it.…
  • This is a FPS game first not mil-sim. You can have your flat trajectory when I can OHK you with 1911.
  • I haven't unlocked it yet myself, but it looks like the gun characteristics go against its AT purpose. Something like 5 damage to a tank turret. I do 4 with an impact grenade.
  • (Quote) 
Our experience with BF4 says otherwise. BF4 was a dumpster fire for 12 months after launch. BFV is doing even worse. The time spent on development by DICE Sweden clearly did not reflect scope of these titles and we ended up with a b…
  • For me BFV has three playable maps: Arras, Hamada and Twisted Steel. Everything else is too infantry focused or too vehicle focused, flat like a pancake AKA PanzerStorm
  • Sooner consoles ditch controlers for m&k in FPS, RTS and similar games better.
  • Instead of charge they should give us bayonet stab, 1/2 quick stab kill with longer reach than standard melee. It does wonders in RO / Rising Storm.
  • Both need improvments. Friendly team crates should be shown on the mini-map as icons
  • Unless you play on a 56k modem, this usually suggest you miss a lot...and your game stats clearly show it. Your average accuracy is 11.34%, half of what should be. I have no idea what platform you play on, but except needing personal improvment, cha…
    in TTK/TTD Comment by BlindChance May 21
  • (Quote) 
I played with MMGs a bit in beta and after launch, not so much over the last few months. They are annoying to deal with if you get hit as any other weapon in the game which kills you before you can react. This is not MMG specific co…
    in MMGs Comment by BlindChance May 17
  • (Quote) 
Read between the lines, these days BF is all about lowering the threshold and playing it as you want...well unless that involves organised team play and team mates who follow orders ;)

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