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  • Clarence_6000 wrote: » Apart from the TTD and the usual dying behind cover etc im starting to have more and more WTF-deaths. Like when i am shooting at someone and my gun just stops firing for 2-3 frames and then i die, Lag comp? Shooting enem…
  • SJW Dice rewards poor quality internet. Shoot first, die first.
  • Don't mess up your TV settings for this game. It's the games fault. I'm on 4K with Xbox X and forget seeing people if they're not moving. Especially devastation with the rubble and shadows. It's stupid. Incompetent Dice.
  • Trash.
  • Lol. This game is trash in its current state. I don't blame him. I've been playing since BC1 and this is the worst yet. By the time they salvage it they'll be giving it away for free.
  • Tanks are death traps if used properly. That and they have less stability than a boat. My tank was on a 1ft rock and did a 360 while I was trying to aim. Direct hit on infantry with main cannon from short range is like 50 damage. I'm sure Dice h…
  • I agree. Stupid SJW Dice Devs are more concerned about virtue signaling than making a game. Maybe the planes are piloted by female characters and therefore have super armor and bionic abilities. Thanks Dice. Idiots.
  • We need a topic on this everyday until it's fixed. The sound is garbage. I'm playing on a high end home theater and can't hear enemy footsteps or vehicles. A tank 10ft from me is silent. Realistically the tank engine would drown out a lot of the…
  • It's garbage. One day it's fine the next I put a full mag into someone for them to oneshot me. Garbage servers. My ping is always around 50. Xbox X.
  • LOL. Whoever changed the spawn system from BF4 is an idiot.
  • The hotfix definitely made things worse. I'm getting a lot of WTF moments. A lot of headshots not registering as headshots. Oh well it was fun for a week.
  • I came across a guy today, his ping was fluctuating between 75 and 125. I checked the scoreboard every second for a bit and his ping was wildly varying. He was a massive bullet sponge. Could soak up a whole mag like the high pingers used to. He wa…
  • @mischkag Thanks and congratulations. You have made this game playable again. I've played more the past 2 days than I have the last 2 months. It's so much more enjoyable to actually have people die when shot. 60hz is great also. Hopefully that ca…
  • moosehunter1969 wrote: » Spawn on your home base or a squad mate not under fire it's not rocket science. Clueless. I guess the hit detection is spot on for you too.
  • This was not a problem in BF4. Why are we going backwards? What idiot wanted to change the spawn system to one that's much worse?
  • This game is still a mess.
  • I have seen very similar things regarding hitmarkers. The one that happens consistently is the red kill hitmarker. I changed headshots to yellow and kill to red. I can be shooting someone and after a few shots get the red marker, but they're not …
  • I'm afraid this game is going to be dead by the time they get it working properly.
  • mischkag wrote: » I guess the right direction is really having a bunch of servers region/ping locked and the others should be open and labelled as 'International' or so. Yes. Please do this. It directly addresses the problem and will allow…

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