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  • I have neither played it since Duo was removed. I have no interest playing two players vs four, and I have no interest teaming up with randoms to make a squad. For me, the game needs a permanent Duo option, as well as the main issue with the game so…
  • I really havent played Firestorm since Duo was removed.. I dont wish to play with randoms, I don't want to play alone, and usualy there are not 4 friends online at the same time who has cared to pay for BFV to get Firestorm - so Duo was the way to p…
  • I'd think these rules were only for ranked servers? to ensure noone take advantage of custom settings to rack up unfair points? Can't you controll more on unranked custom servers?
  • I disagree with each of the suggested tweaks here - the tank is mint as it is, I like it both when I play the tank, and when I play infantry. All it takes to kill a tank, is a plan.. and if you are 2-3 infantry working together the tank is an easy t…
  • I believe it's related to the target and not the damage giver - as if I meet two tanks I can damage the other when one goes 'immune' - and artilery etc. hitting the immune tank also does not seem to deal any dmg (or any other fire to it)
  • This is not related to riccochet. A riccochet shot grants both hit detection and a 2dmg to the tank - as well as a easily recogniced 'peew' sound and you see the shell bounce of the top/side of the enemy tank.. However at times you can have 5-6 stri…
  • Something to learn from project red here - why wait many weeks to patch something this small yet so important? just get it fixed, get out a path and then path again the larger things down the road... People get fed up with this sort of stuff stayin…
  • Personally I'd say that ever since BF2 serverside has been a step backwards. I understand the idea of avoiding hacking and cheating as a reason not to give out server-side files, but one could really have both ecostystems at the same time. Being abl…

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