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  • I probably roamed all VOIP softwares available already lol. And I think Discord it easy cuz it's free lol.. But anyway, i found a bunch of people to play with already. Since I speak french, i tried to find a french group (harder than finding englis…
  • I wasn't there for BF4 lol
  • Yiiiishhh.. they are not helping themselves... most people will buy one big title.. maybe 2.... they'll come last... they better add EXTRA EXTRA polish for such a delay.. many people wont have time for a new game.. it's better be damn good to rally …
  • Launch delay? It's not in october? Or you mean "that's why it's so late in year for release"? Still curious if refund will work anyway :P
  • I guess you're right but I paid BF1 13$CA . In fact, I played beta and enjoyed it but was so not feeling fine about EA that I postponed purchase to the point I just forgot about the game.. and I was craving so much for a shooter with real bullets an…
  • On Origin, it says nothing about the specs. That's odd it's on their website then lol. Ok. I never said beta was pre-order only eh eh eh.. I said that i wanted to pre-order "to get both beta and game HEADSTART"... You can play the beta lo…
  • Were you a clan of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory? I remember of some clan with same name and I think same tag... that was a long long time ago though.. and pretty sure I joined it for a short time too (before I left the game)! :P Anyway, I could be i…

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