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  • Same issue for me. Was at around 15 kills then all of a sudden assignment completed when I knew I'd not gotten to 20 so now assignment says complete but tank is still locked. Also been back on to get more offensive kills and even got assignment comp…
  • Got the same problem, out of coins and want to move onto different guns and can't unless I want to use them without upgrades. I thought this was meant to be fixed in the recent January patch?
  • WetFishDB wrote: » I’m with Berg on this one. Never had anything like what you are describing. If you know anyone with a PS4, maybe ask to borrow their controller and have a play around. Yeah I think this is my next move, I'm going to bor…
  • The_BERG_366 wrote: » I never experienced anything that could match your description and also never heard of anyone doing so. could u post a video of the issue or something because I don't really know how to imagine this issue in game. I'm …
  • I thought it was also stated that the rag doll physics would also allow bodies to be moved by explosions even after they had come to rest in death
  • kergster wrote: » I recall someone from Dice saying over on Reddit that dragging is unlikely to arrive in BF:V. They seem to be really really struggling with their own codebase so no-go on any new features is not a huge surprise. Was thi…
  • Nobody else got this issue? I'd love some feedback before I shell out for a new controller?
  • I'm not a big sniper player so I probably spend more time frustrated by snipers taking me out of the game than I do being the sniper but even so I agree the glint should be reduced or made less if you lay in the shade/shadows or maybe even completel…
  • tu0mela wrote: » maanboat1965 wrote: » Gotcha... just can't understand why others are saying the graphics have been downgraded. I have a 65" SUHD 4K tv and the graphics have not changed. Whats the point mention that you have 65" 4k tv…
  • This is what happens when people ****. Game was fine before. Plays no different now but looks **** compared to how it looked before 1.02. Well done to all the moaning idiots, give yourselves a pat on the back.....
  • Darkhander wrote: » The bf1 beta has officially closed as far as I know. Oh ok. I knew today was the last day but I thought I would later today
  • JamButty76 wrote: » I've had no end of trouble connecting to servers. What I've found is that the more people on a server, the less likely I'll be able to connect without getting "Disconnected from the Battlefield Server". But I'm usually able t…
  • I for one would love to see BF3 remastered on the latest version of frostbite with 32v32. Imo BF3 was better than BF4. Remastered BF2 on the latest frostbite would be even better but that would probably turn out a mess because it would need porting …
  • In fact I can't even connect to ea servers now.
  • Oh the servers are actually already back. Still not sure what the update brings?

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