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  • By the way everyone, you will be CPU bound on BFV if you have SLI 1080 Ti...... I can only pump out 85FPS max with my i7-4790k that is maxed out and my cards are only at 60% usage. I need more CPU to push my graphics cards harder. I haven't tried DX…
  • I'm thinking you're CPU bound. I get maybe 90 max on two 1080Ti FTW3 sli. My CPU is pretty much maxed out, so that's why I'm limited. I'm running on ultra and everything maxed out and it doesn't help to reduce settings, because my CPU is 100% nearly…
  • Thanks everyone! I tried the 416.34 driver and it worked right away. Upon installing the game it forced me to update, and I'm sure my driver was a little older than 416.34, so I got the newest one, which didn't work with SLI. I appreciate the help f…
  • Has anyone noticed that when viewing the assignment, they only fill in from top to bottom and the one next is white while the others grey? I think this means they have to be done in order from top to bottom. I got 10 kills and hasn't registered yet,…

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