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  • yeah me2 best was 52 in last week.  DICE/ORIGIN need to stop foot sounds all together, the firestorm needs to be silent on reflex did WW2 have foot sound my grampy would be deverstaed by what gamng has done to truth. .....Just thing Counter Strike …
  • (Quote) When you say older didn't you say in some comments back you're early 30's? to be 10 years younger.
  • I guess the games we have, the unbalanced games are mainly for new gamers not for older generation, even though 60% is from us either parents or long time players. i'm an orginal 1942 game owner i guess that doesn't matter anymore this Battlefield …
  • (Quote) What i expected was a game that didn't have all these bonus's the first thing if its going to be an WW2 game is get rid of map...i have 3 grandparen'ts who where in WW2 they didn't have this awareness map why should we...i know it's a gam…
  • (Quote) Well i have athritis but i manage, like i'm sure you do but considering we the (older) sry if your younger grew up playing games when they first came out it was balanced. Let me ask who who were playing like me 15-20 years ago went through …
  • (Quote) I had the money for this game so i bought it, i thought after so many years the comapany would learn but no there will never be an original 1942 game, loved that game, i'm afraid to say that in these times gamer's want more......the 1st thi…
  • (Quote) Will look it up when ready thanks for advice.
  • Can someone send the simple version how to upload Gforce vid for me (moron). thanks.
  • (Quote) I got Gforce experiance perhaps i should show you my typical game play have to download again.
  • (Quote) Good advice for all matey but i'm not newbie i just seem to be the 1 in group who dies it's like i have a 10 foot lighted christmas tree on me at all times. Today i was on Devestation full squad(3) and me plus 3 from other group i was only …
  • (Quote) Unless you are surrounded by non revivers
  • (Quote) "spam fest and a horribly optimized frame stuttering bad netcode filled dumpster fire" I was reading post and when i read above post my drink went everywhere.
  • (Quote) Well matey i'm gonna try ATLAS as EA is part of it i'm sure i can tell players about it, early 2 year access mmo pirate open world, if you understand bugs is part of it its cool, i understood it, for bf5 i just didnt realise i had to be an …
  • (Quote) Tell me your secrets!!
  • no read the post, i played total 7hrs today on and off many maps that was internet is top i played on either UK/GERM servers as im UK based.
  • I appreciate all comment but im not a kid i'm in my 40's been playing years if i wanted to spend running for ages from safe spawn at home base i would, 5 seconds isn't that long at least camping would be at minimal but i might as well wish on winnin…
  • I bought this game because after viewing post by players on internet i thought great it looks good, I had the money so i bought it. I average 5-12 kills / 12-24 deaths depending what class i go but i die more and after forking out the cash i'm disap…
  • (Quote) brick
  • Ballefield 5 mind new game not bf1 as it apears to thread

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