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  • (Quote) Thanks, so I am no the only one having this issue. (Quote) I get that the cpu is below the requirements, but as I stated and as you noted it works fine until it gets these spikes. The amount of ram should be fine since it meets the minimum…
  • (Quote) I only got a i7 2600, so it is 3.4 base to 3.8 turbo and I am playing at lowest settings, but the problem here is that the game runs buttery smooth when I launch the bf5 application, but after some games I get these weird spikes. However I…
  • (Quote) Tried the 2 latest nvidia drivers, both cause the same issue. I will try previous nvidia driver versions, if I can find them. (Quote) I get that my cpu is below the requirements, but it works just fine in game even if it bottlenecks my gpu…
  • I kinda fixed it with but I still experience stuttering: (Image) Still, I don't get why even if my cpu times are constant, my framerate is not and quite noisy, dipp…
  • Thanks for the replies, but I am curently using dx12 and it was running well up to few days ago, moreover the ram should be enough, at least as long as I don't have any other application open. However I noticed I got this issue right after the lates…
  • I can play it fairly well on my rig, even though the cpu is under the minimum requirements(i7 2600) However, try to follow these steps:* put your quality level to low * enable dx12 * disable future frame rendering if you notice input lag * copy the …
  • (Quote) Cause they don't give a damn **** about bf3, just take a look at how many cheaters are in here...

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