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  • hacker spotted on enemy team.
  • i think the timer to reload the explosives should be same as the bomber and assault should not have more than 2x scope available.
  • instead of taking action against the hackers they warn the legit players idk whats wrong with this company i am done this will be my last game all i ever wanted was to give my message to the devs so they can develop a storng anti cheat software.
  • i just found this i hope it will be helpful for the devs to ban this hack in game. [vid removed by moderator]
  • here is some proof [vid removed by moderator]
  • also we no longer get these messages in chat fair fight banned so i think no fair fight in bfv.
  • There are alot of cheaters in asia servers and i dont see these guys getting banned level 10 guy can 1 shot you with any gun and will go on till the killstreak of 85-5. The anti cheat is not that effective only option is left is to change the server…
  • i am getting 30 fps even at 900p my rig is decent i see the problem is the gpu usage it averages around 50 percent even though future frame rendering is on and causes terrible lag. During the begining of the round gpu usage is at 10% so the fps i ge…

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