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I know right? remember when in literally every other BF game, you were running for your life looking for a medic or his box? But now, nah, just sit behind a rock till the jam comes off your eyes.
if thats specifically what you want, why not make your own map rotation now that they've added that?
  • honestly make the Filter toggable like literally every other game that cares about its chat, if you are too much of a child to not hit the Filter button if you are offended by such language you should  probably not be playing an online game. Literal…
  • who the hell thought this sliding crap was a good idea? for real? If they wanted a dodger why not make a roll animation instead (with your weapon unusable for the duration of course) 
@CSO7777 my guy just make a playlist yourself then with only Rotterdam and Devestation if it bothers you so much
  • when you click the vehicule icon when its available, you can take your time choosing which one, they cant take it from you. if it seems like tehy do it because of lag so you wernt fast enough from the games pov
  • Hello freinds, I've been an old fan of yours, I've played every BF fame since 1942, from the seat of my computer to the seat of cyber cafes with freinds, and so have garnered a deep passion for your games. In fact I bought the game upon release, th…
No you dont understand, in Germany if its for educational purposes (history lessons, old photos in museums, etc) its allowed, but you arnt allowed to fly a flag with a Swastika or wear it in public or portray it in non educational video gam…
  • I mean...the thing about Swastikas is that they are illegal in many countries, such as Germany and Israel, and DICE does want to sell to as many people as possible so.... yeah
Im not disagreeing with you but as per my previose example, just because you arnt the target of an insult for the insults meaning, doesnt mean you arnt going to take offense As for how I would have responded, I would have responded the sa…
  • as for specifics, i'm having trouble finding the exact tweets and clips, mostly because the biggest person responsible for it left the project earlier last year
It was alot of small things, and the way they spoke to the community may have been directed towards the minority, but it never felt like that. For a dev team that likes to hide behind ''we are a big company and have to behave as one so cant…
Medal of Honour Rising Sun managed to do it, but I know what you mean
You know, if you call someone in the streets a b-word, whether they are one or not, they will still be irritated/offended by it. If you call an entire community something undesirable, the same thing happens. And I blame DICE for ALL of the…
 @firechickenfan I love how you keep trying to insinuate that everyone who doesnt agree with you is bashing girls in this game. and I'll say it again since you have trouble understanding this: NO ONE HERE IS SAYING THAT THERE IS A PROBLEM…
@firechickenfan That final sentence have to be the more illogical thing you've ever said The way they handled themselves has nothing to do with the female skins, absolutely nothing Devs behaving like the entire fan base is a bunch of rac…
  • @firechickenfan  I mentioned that in my first reply, but I will copy and paste it here: ''I didnt even mention the female character or skins but ok. And i didnt blame it on one thing (literally 7 different things), you really are doing what Jrogg…
 I mean Im still waiting for an apologie for being accused of championing a position that wasnt mentioned a single time in the OP but ok
 @firechickenfan I didnt even mention the female character or skins but ok. And i didnt blame it on one thing (literally 7 different things), you really are doing what Jroggs is accusing you of doing Yes people whined about female skins, …
perhaps, but when the sage points out the moon, the fool looks at his finger :3

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