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  • Il-Scavenger-lI wrote: » FPSgamer69 wrote: » does the beta have cheats already? I see the weirdest kills already. Alpha had them. Not saying they are everywhere, but yes, cheat devs had their basic stuff going after half a day. d…
  • does the beta have cheats already? I see the weirdest kills already.
  • It reminds me of CS. It is fast and cartoony. Hit detection for me is bad in the beta. I shoot first and lots from 2 meters..still get killed. I hoped sniping would be more difficult, but i mainly see snipers leading on no1 position with 60+ kills…
  • the games I played in the beta had a sniper on No 1 position going 63-2 or soemthing. THe reason I unstalled it faster then the game installed.
  • Seabees4Life wrote: » I am a believer that Bad Company 2 was the best for multiplayer in the Battlefield series, minus BF:9142 but those really are two different styles of gameplay. Does BF:V have the Bad Company 2 feel to it or does it fall in…
  • if they make the game uses weapons and would give them their own real life features...people can pick their favorites..and enjoy their positive features. Every weapon has their purpose..all have their + and -. But if you let people run with mg and…
  • VBALL_MVP wrote: » FPSgamer69 wrote: » snipers are still leading the game the number 1 and 2 players are snipers. They lead with many more kills then the other soldiers. Still way to easy. Need more statistical data than that. Mayb…
  • hmm just noticed that you can get shot across the whole map wiith 3 shots by an smg Is that a bug or meant to be?
  • PopsicleStealer wrote: » bran1986 wrote: » I saw quite a few people complaining about this on twitch. The gun has no downside at all, it beats smgs in cqb and is just as good as medic and scout rifles at range. Wow. Assault rifle does e…
  • Imabaka70 wrote: » Alphazetamu wrote: » Maybe, heaven forbid, they are just skilled, and deserve it / would do just as fine as anything else. People won’t be happy till snipers/scouts are at the bottom of the scoreboard no matter how ha…
  • LiuzhouMtBrotha wrote: » For me, a huge let-down is that there are even hacks all around in Alpha. They say the cheat has to be tested also. I thought that was a joke when some one said that yesterday that had a huge score. Guess not. I a…
  • 5hadyBrady wrote: » After watching some larger channels stream closed beta there's a few trends that stand out to me. The first being the surplus of sniper deaths. I'm watching guys die from one bullet out of a sniper rifle more than any other fir…
  • D5RAT wrote: » It is very sniper heavy on most maps . Even on no sniper servers everyone is using medic auto snipers but BF has always had lots of snipers but never this easy
  • BF1 will probably my last BF now I saw the demo of BF 5. I just do not like the way they go with the series. Perhaps I get to old to like arcade style. It will atttract lots of new players though.
  • if you pre order the new Starwars you get a light saber in BF1 how to ruin games and not listen to your customers.
  • I pass for now. They showed a great looking game. It looked like a lot of games, just not like a BF game to me. Perhaps i buy it in sale. It seems EA listens less and less to his old customers wishes.
  • It died today for me. To many cheats...and the FF stats to go with it
  • stiII_no_name wrote: » Argonne Forrest is a perfect map for scouts and the outer part of Fort de Vaux too. Inside it's not quite as good, but spot flares can also be extremely helpful here. I see a lot of scouts in Fort lately Argone has l…
  • Not sure if it is dying.. or just for me

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