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  • What's your upload ? Jeez 10mbps download is kinda pitiful. I'd say 50x5 would be good to start. Got 300x20 myself
  • Loving the CTE. I really hope Dice will push the new changes with the aim assist from the CTE to the main game. I doubt they will because of the cry babies who will see a big drop on their KD
  • Wow. 1st time I read the bomber plane is OP lol. I can't count the number times I have blown up the bomber with the tank. Slow big target that has blown me up written all over it. Get gud or get wrekt
  • Game is running very nice for me. No issues at all. Once in a while I get a bad laggy game but it is usually with high pingers in the game. I just quit and jump in a different one and it's all good again.
  • This is exactly what I thought too bro. Why spend money on something when I have a perfectly working External HDD. I bought the SSD on a whim just to test. Before the SSD, Everytime I load into a game its either half over or over. It takes for…
  • Get an SSD and you'll rarely experience that again. Before the SSD I had a seagate 2TB external and it took 3-5 minutes to get into a game. Since I've gone to SSD it takes 30-35 seconds before I am in. This is not an exaggeration either . I am …
  • i don't understand why all the hate for the CTE. its an option to check out the new maps and weapons. Even without the new weapons on the map its good to check out the map so you're more prepared when it goes live. what's to hate ?
  • Keeps saying transaction canceled . Can't download it right now
  • Is Dice going to make this game competitive? I can't see that being takened seriously . This game cannot be an esports unless the stupid AA is remove . That said , the game is still fun for the most part. I believe they are trying to cater to eve…
  • Had a weird hit detection for the 1st time in a tank yesterday. Tank was abandoned by teammate or enemy not sure which one ....but I hooped right in. Fired 6 rounds point blank at an enemy and got nothing.... not even a single hit marker. Was …
  • Yes both is equally even at using it. It's still cheap though. I just don't use it, but I'm ok with it being an option for others to use . It's a lot better now since dice remove the armor you seem to get when you charge .
  • Like zooboid mentioned , the Insta charge at point blank range needs to be fixed and is cheap at its current state
  • This is my observation. Anyone ranked 110 is usually the scoreboard leader with score and/or kills and K/D. They have enough knowledge and skill to do what it takes to get there.
  • I used to equipped my medic rifles with the bayonet but never really use this stupid mechanic to get a cheap kill. After removing it I can say it does make a difference . My shots is ever so slightly more accurate and I can ADS faster after sprint.
  • The pc version doesn't have aim assist, but consoles have crazy op aim assist . There are servers that turn it off but they are harder to find and under populated. This is the main reason why BF1 is not an esports game. Wish they do it like BF4 w…
  • I play after work around 1am Eastern almost every night. HomerJSimpson01 is my gamertag . Rank 110
  • My least favorite class is the scout . Not because I suck at it but it seems kinda boring to camp and pick off players from afar. But they play a role in the game . K/D not important in an FPS? Seriously ? Wtf It's all about the kills in my opin…
  • Join a squad or clan. Play with your friends ....otherwise I'm not listening to your orders or going to give any because no one ever listen to my orders. If I happen to get points for orders followed ... that's cool. I really couldn't care less for …
  • Ah... you did mention frontlines on the 1st post sorry. Frontlines and operations has been poorly populated so I've been playing conquest which usually is always filled.
  • For medic I run the ml sweeper , frag nade, syring and mini health pack. I suggest using the mini health pack over the crate if you are an aggressive medic. You can health yourself on the run and still have the capacity to heal others.

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