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  • Regardless of what it's called, I was just wondering if my Support class with a 3x Scope was giving off a shine when I zoom. Nice to know it doesn't. Thanks for this conversation
  • Same here. Xbox one controller in Left Land. Left stick = Movement L1 = Crouch L2 = Prone Dpad Up = Map Dpad Down = Usually Inventory Dpad Left/Right = Lean Gaming Mouse in Right Hand. Aim, Shoot, Scroll through weapons, reload Buttons on side a…
  • There's no age limit. I'm 41. I've been a gamer for decades. You don't just stop gaming. You never get bored with the technology evolution keeping you interested
  • You can't really complain about Campers on a WW1 game. That was the whole idea lol Trenches are there to be camped in. Maybe they should have a Whistle system. Every now then then there's a countdown, then Whistles blowing, which means 'Over the To…
  • Bf1 still needs character customization. It's easy to implement. Cod ww2 had basic heads to choose from. They won't do it now. It's been asked for for too long now. But in my opinion, that's been the biggest let down for bf1. Campaign = Play as a p…
  • I agree in a way... Bf1 planes are actually really easy to fly, but when looking at game balancing, your pretty much a sitting duck with hardly any way of competing with ground troops when flying a plane. Your bombs seem to do nothing, while any gro…

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