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  • I wrote 124m because that was the last time i had looked at my detailed stats. Some stats like longest headshot change sometimes as in for instance my new longest headshot is 194m.
  • Yeah, your right about VOIP. I stand corrected. Voted up. Thanks for correcting that.
  • He didn't ask politely at all bud. If he was playing with us a valuable squadmate he would've been picking off enemies, spotted enemies, and told us what kind of activity was happening at the objective we had marked. I get the point of getting int…
  • Yeah, thats true. Or they'll lay down right next to you with their rocket gun and take a shot at a tank and then guess what happens... Communication cannot be overstated. Please, please, purdy please buy a headset. If you have a PS4 their shoudl…
  • Well yeah, in obvious circumstances like you see you're about to get overrun and like said, situation dictates. But if you're a scout, which is part of your job to get close and be a mobile spawn point, spot enemies, give out intel like tanks, etc.…
  • 124M I think. I PTFO from mid to close so that's why I guess.
  • I don't know, but the guy above is probably right. Its gonna match you to the best server with a free slot and is populated with a players skill average close to yours. I realized bf3 and bf4 was different for you but I have no idea. Personally, …
  • I agree. The super soaker aka hellriegel is crazy. I'm not the greatest and have said many time before. My biggest complaint is the lack of people using headsets, communication, teamwork. Alas, i find myself going Audie Murphy sometimes because …
  • I would just like for you're play to function like it used to on assignments. You could fulfill multiple assignment criteria at once and at the end of the round each assignment that was effected by your results would all progress or unlock. Now yo…
  • I'm having the same problem. Although my problem is I'm a disabled veteran with hand tremors so I suck at it lol. Some stuff I just can't do.
  • Its been a few days since the patch and I was playing this morning. Everything was normal. I never had an issue of power ranking in like 2 rounds. Purchase weapons and what not when I reached the required rank. Then during the middle of a round, …
  • 27 on foot 12 in airplane 27 in tank or ground vehicle
  • I use it and get plenty of points with it. Try running with the spotter glasses and see if you can see where they are coming from then fire it in that direction. There is a radius and timer obviously. Learn the maps some more and lanes that most …
  • This guy right here gets it. Ha HA!! But yeah, just in case, I was a member of insider before BF1 launched and I didn't get my dog tag. I'm having a good time with the game. The lack of the insder dog tag hasn't effected my emotional health or w…
  • Sorry admins, I posted in the wrong forum, my concern is for BF1.

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