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  • Yep. A whole squad on my team were invisible. (PS4) Most of the team were just following them around watching them destroy everyone.
  • The bombers are going to love this.
  • AP mines were great at fending off / slowing down spawn trapping when you're stuck playing against a superior team. Now if I die trying to break out, mines vanish too. This renders them utterly useless for trying to slow down the zerg on the flanks …
  • (Quote) 
Cleverly defending objectives is no longer allowed! However, if you zerg back and forth while hip firing your laser medic SMG accompanied by your team mate spamming Panzerfausts, you're good to go.
  • (Quote) I do like the G2. However, the last few weeks the rockets seem to be a bit off for me. I can't seem to hit stalling Spitfires any more and it's the same with bombers that are flying in a straight line. I agree on the Meningeschoss being weak…
  • For attacking infantry, I love the G6 as the Flares and Meningeschoss are awesome. . It'll also out manoeuvre any enemy plane that comes at you and I can usually keep the thing in the air for most of the game. .I love the rockets on the VB and I'll…
  • I've started to use the VB a lot as I really like the rockets. I haven't got many kills with it as I use it for smashing tanks and mobile AA on larger maps. If the enemy pilots are semi-decent and run with two fighters, I'll switch to the VA with it…
  • The Boys is great for clearing out the snipers that prowl the back flags on Aerodrome. What should I do? Keep letting them kill me or try to kill them?
  • I hate to wish my life away but RSP can't come soon enough. Most of my friends and clans I sometimes play with have given up on this game unless dice can turn things around. A step in the right direction will be having the ability to kick/ban high p…
  • A forum member said dropping assignments helped with his stuttering. (PS4) But lag compensation and OOR's etc were still the same old rubbish.
  • Spotting flares in the fighter planes are hit and miss for me.  A lot of the time I have to fly at ground level to reveal the targets in the area I popped flares over. This is especially bad on Mercury. This leaves me no time to attack the ground ta…
  • As soon as the hoards of triple ping players storm the German servers, I'm out. With the current trend, I end up quitting almost every other game.
  • Nope! There hasn't been a single improvement since launch and I expect that trend to continue. BF5 is now unplayable for me after the last two updates. * Players Skip across the screen when I ADS * Tanks / Planes never spawn on Panzerstorm * Stut…
  • Is there anyway I can give myself a triple ping?  Just so I can be on a level playing field on these atrocious German servers.
  • I presume he's from Scotland? If so, playing on the God awful German servers isn't going to be helping things either. They feel like you're playing on a 56k modem with an inbuilt pentium processor.
  • I've had the day off work so I thought I'd see if the servers would play better during the daytime. Nope, I've actually found them to be worse. It really is pointless playing now. Poor servers, high ping players, stupid bugs, random deaths in vehicl…
  • (Quote) First game of the night. PS4 (Image)
  • (Quote) Not OP I come across 3 digit pings on every German server I play and at all times of the day.
  • The German servers have been awful this evening. Even with a server full of low to medium ping players I've had delays when firing rockets, planes would skip across my radar and players just jumping around. I really like this game, but it has been d…
  • Spend an evening playing Fjell as there are plenty of planes and it's relatively easy to level up as not all enemy pilots will be highly skilled. I've found that deploying on foot and then dying quickly  / re-deploying fixes the broken plane spawn i…

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